LOreal AW13 glitter polish collection

I love nail polish. I love glitter nail polish even more. So my excitement levels when I saw the 4 new polishes* from LOreal got a little bit much.

The new collection features four glitter polishes, two which are better suited as topcoats and two which have a bit of colour in the base.

LOreal glitter nail polishes
L-R .Scarlett Tinsel, Bling Bling Bang, Black Diamond, Sequin Explosion

LOreal glitter nail polish swatches
1 coat each

LOreal colour riche polishes
Sequin Explosion in action!
Sequin Explosion - a clear base with multi coloured flecks of glitter in a variety of sizes, this is the star of the collection in my eyes. It works well over pretty much any colour polish and can be applied in multiple coats for a hardcore glitter finish.

Bling Bling Bang - firstly, what an awesome name! Bling Bling Bang is a blue glitter, suspended in a deep blue base. It can be used as a topcoat, but will work really well layered up as an opaque polish for a subtle, but bling effect.

Scarlet Tinsel - this screams Christmas nails to me. This is a clear base packed full of small red glitter that will layer easily to a full on glitter finish.

Black Diamond - my second favourite behind Sequin Explosion, this is almost the opposite of it. Full of fine black glitter with hints of silver, I think this will look perfect for a more subtle look. It's also completely opaque in two coats.

All of the polishes do dry to a matte finish and feel slightly rough to the touch so you will want to use a topcoat if you prefer a smooth glossy finish. Wear time is pretty good - around 3 days on me before any chips (and I am the chip queen). They are also not too bad to remove. You will need acetone and a bit of patience, but they remove easier than some other glitter polishes I've tried.

Each bottle is the standard 5ml size of the Colour Riche line, which is great for polish addicts like me who never reach the end of a bottle. They're £4.99 each and I have a feeling they're going to be very popular as the seasons move into autumn. I predict Sequin Explosion might even become the next speckled polish, and become a tricky one to track down!

Which one of these is your favourite?

*PR sample


  1. These are all so pretty, I have Bling Bling Bang which is lovely.

  2. you have the prettiest nails ever, love the sequin explosion xxx

    1. thank you :) Sequin explosion is my favourite! x

  3. ah, they all look so pretty!



  4. I am obsessed with Scarlet Tinsel and Bling Bling Bang! Sequin Explosion will be great at Christmas too x

  5. Ooo they look amazing! can't wait till they're released :) x

  6. Sequin Explosion looks so good, and I love the colour of Bling Bling Bang :) xx

  7. I think Sequin Explosion has to be my favourite! xx


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