My visit to the Ministry of Waxing

Waxing isn't exactly a well talked about topic in the blogger world, but I'm breaking that rule today after a recent trip to The Ministry of Waxing (MOW for short).

Holed up in London’s Covent Garden, MOW offers every waxing service going for girls and boys, but their signature treatment is a Brazilian wax (Boyzilian for the boys).

If you’re not familiar with a Brazilian, it involves having the hair in your ‘personal area’ removed using hot wax, to varying degrees of baldness (there’s really no other way to describe this!).

Ministry of Waxing wall
Ministry of Waxing treatment room
One of the treatment rooms - you can see the cute stress monkey on the bed. 
MOW is a bit different from your usual beauty salon – instead of being greeted with pan pipes and herbal teas, the salon is bright, with exposed brickwork and plays house music. You feel more like you’re entering a well-lit night club than a beauty parlour. The treatment rooms follow the same design – very functional, but completely non fluffy. I think this is great as it makes it much more accessible to both sexes.

For my treatment, I was lead downstairs to a treatment room by my therapist, who explained the process. I was to put my belongings in the room locker, strip off from the waist down, give the area to be waxed a quite swipe with the individual hygiene wipe provided and then hop up on the bed. They leave the room while you get ready, so although in the next few minutes the therapist IS going to be getting up close and personal with your personals, you do feel like you have some privacy.

Hygeine is top priority at MOW and all of the therapists wear gloves, face masks and use a fresh wooden stick every single time the chocolatey wax gets dipped. No double dipping here!

They also provide a cute little squeezy stress toy for you while you're having your treatment to help take your mind off any pain. Mine was in the shape of a hairy monkey - something they don't want you to leave looking like!

Moving onto the pain. This is the most painless lady wax I have ever had in my life. Seriously. Yes, there was a little bit of stinging, but nothing like the usual pain! The therapists are extremely skilled (they do up to 16 brazilians a day), but I think it also comes down to the type of wax they use. Instead of using traditional hot wax that's removed using cotton strips, they use their own blend of wax which is left to cool and then peeled off. It doesn't stick to the skin, just your hairs, meaning much less pain (yay!).

Waxing at MOW doesn't come cheap - prices range between £19 and £50, but you know what, I'm a total convert and will be heading back regularly.

They have 2 branches in central London and are hoping to open a third very soon. You can find all the details and prices online at the Ministry of Waxing website.

Will you be heading to the MOW?

*My appointment was kindly provided for review, but I will be heading back there soon myself!


  1. I don't know if I would like hearing house music for my wax, but that sounds so good. I always get one before I go on holiday so maybe I will check this one out! xx

    1. it's a fab place to get your pre-holiday wax :)

  2. I have been to the MOW on South Molton Street and they are very good but I think Strip are slightly better (I prefer the surroundings!) x

  3. The hairy monkey bit made me guffaw ha xx


  4. This sounds way better than the normal waxings your hear about!! good review x

  5. It makes mugger happy you refered to it as lady garden, Im not the only one!


  6. Hairy monkey...... pahahaha. Yes I am a child. x

  7. This made me laugh - I really don't know how I would have reviewed a service like this! The hairy monkey made me laugh so much! xxx

    1. it was quite tricky to write something that would get stopped as spam for most people! x

  8. oh my god i can't believe the hairy monkey thing! lol

    Fusels xx

  9. Ooh I'm afraid I am not tempted to cheat on the lady who does my waxing. It's such a personal kind of treatment that I can only trust the same person to do. I hope you have the choice of requesting the same beauty therapist! Also my lady makes me use an ice cube to numb the area down below which really helps with the pain factor. I enjoyed reading your review and it's good to know there are more choices for waxing available. Like a hairdresser it's down to personal choice.

    1. that's true - it's good to build up a relationship with the same person. Ice cubes are a great idea! x

  10. This sounds amazing, I would much prefer the house music to airy fairy stuff!


    Em’s Mixed Bag

  11. I'd be waaaay too scared to get waxed. I tried threading, which is meant to be harmless in comparison, and what happened? YUP, I bawled my eyes out. NOT IMPRESSED lol but I'm thinking of actually manning up and going for a laser hair removal treatment (well multiple ones obviously) with these guys: http://londonpremierlaser.co.uk/ what do you think of laser hair removal? do you think it's worth all the type? i've read sooooo many reviews man, some hate it, some love it, etc :(


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