Let's talk: the dentist, anxiety and visiting the hygienist

Kat Clark, beauty blogger, smiling
Outside the Elleven Dental clinic
Inside the Elleven Dental clinic
I don’t think I’m alone when I say I really, really hate going to the dentist. For me, it’s not about the sounds or the smells, but it’s a total sense of anxiety that something might be wrong and I might have to have anything done other than the general checkup. It’s something that has gotten so much worse the older I’ve gotten, to the point where I have several sleepless nights in the run up to an appointment.

Anxiety issues aside, I do actually make myself go to the dentist for a check at least once a year. This is quite embarrassing to admit, but my teeth are a big area of stress for me. Not because they’re bad, or damaged or rotten – they’re actually in pretty good shape considering my childhood winegum addiction and the more adult love for chocolate. It’s because any time I get stressed out in general, all my worries seem to get fixated on my teeth and I become irrationally panicked that they’re all going to fall out or my gums are all suddenly going to recede and I’ll just be left with giant fang teeth. The rational side of me knows that this is stupid, but the anxious part of me can’t seem to realise that.

So, teeth stress confessions out of the way, a regular dentist’s appointment is a must-have for me, despite the fact I come out in a cold sweat thinking about it. One thing I’ve never really considered before is a trip to the hygienist, so when an invite popped up from Elleven Dental Practice I thought it’d be a great opportunity to get my head around why it’s so important and why it’s so different to seeing the dentist.

Elleven are a private dental clinic situated just around the corner from Harley Street in London and as you’d expect for something in that area, it has a very client-focused, relaxing atmosphere. It’s miles away from my usual dentist, which although very good, has magazines from 2007 and some very sexy 80s décor going on.

I saw one of their specialist hygienists for an in depth cleaning appointment. The hygienist tends to focus more on overall gum health and teeth cleaning – they won’t be looking for cavities or dental imperfections in the same way that a dentist does. That said, oral hygiene plays such an important part in the health of our teeth and gums, so it’s well worth investing in for the long term.

I had a chat with my hygienist about my dental anxiety and she really did her best to put me at ease while I was in the chair. You can choose your own music to listen to while there if you like – something that can definitely help make you feel calmer and in more familiar surroundings.

My appointment lasted about 40 minutes – there was a lot of deep cleaning, polishing and scraping going on. None of it was painful, just a bit uncomfortable and as it was my first proper cleaning appointment, it took my mouth a day or two to go back to feeling ‘normal’. I had a few little moments where I asked her to pause for a while as I was feeling quite anxious and then we were able to carry on again.

I left with the cleanest, whitest looking teeth I’ve had in a long time (they weren’t whitened, just super clean!) and was so pleased with the results. I’m now aiming to go back twice a year to visit the hygienist to help me maintain those results.

My dental anxiety hasn’t totally disappeared, but it definitely feels more under control and I’m determined to keep working on it. If you are worried about the dentist, why not take someone with you for comfort (yes, adults too!). Practice some calming breathing techniques and talk to your dentist beforehand to let them know you’re feeling anxious.

Appointments at Elleven start from £99 for a hygienist appointment.

*treatment provided free of charge, all views my own


Blogging: sponsored features and what to charge - an open discussion

Copper pineapples and pretty pink flowers
Sponsored posts and fee charging work has been a hot topic in the blogging world for some time. As more and more people are turning to full-time blogging or are creating amazing content alongside their day jobs, it’s inevitable that paid work becomes more of the norm. 

I’m all in favour of it – bloggers have an amazing reach and brands clearly see this. Digital platforms at THE place to be right now and I suspect that there have never been so many opportunities as there are right now. 

That said, there’s a really big BUT coming up. Because the blogging industry is still so new in comparison to print or other types of media, there are no standardised expected payment rates. We’re all making it up as we go, through a bit of guess work, chats with other bloggers and the odd helpful blog post here and there (this one from Michelle is great!).  

At the end of last week I ran a quick Twitter poll to see how much other bloggers charge for sponsored posts and I was horrified to see that out of nearly 200 people, 50% are paid less than £50 per post. In comparison, only 24% of people charge £100 or more, meaning that there are a lot of companies out there doing really well out of the blogging community. 

What you can charge for a sponsored post will always be made up of a variety of things: what’s your social reach, how many unique users/page views you get to your blog each month, things like Doman Authority, what the requirements of a sponsored post entail. Many sponsored posts require a certain number of links, specific images, even copy approval before you publish – all of this has to be factored in to the overall cost. 

I’m a member of a few Blogger Opportunity groups on Facebook and there are a huge number of paid opportunities all at around £30-£50. I saw one the other day that offered to pay people with a domain authority of 30-40 around £45. In SEO terms, a DA of 30+ is actually pretty high for a blog site, and payment for that kind of site should be much, much higher (you can check your DA here if you’d like to learn more). Add in to that the fact that most SEO agencies are trying to pay for ‘Follow’ links, which goes totally against Google’s guidelines and it’s all a bit of a non-starter. (More info on follow v nofollow links in this blog post). 

The average blog post takes me around 6 hours in total to create – photography, image editing, copywriting, editing, linking, social content planning and sharing. Assuming that this is around average for most of us, when you add in visitors numbers and social media reach, surely we should be aiming for more than the UK minimum wage as an hourly rate? In contrast, copywriters that I use at work will charge a minimum of £250 per day.

From a personal point of view, I think we all need to be a little more transparent around what we charge, our social media reach and our unique user count. If the community as a whole is more informed, then it will allow us to standardise our fees and have a valid justification to brands when we’re trying to negotiate for paid work. Up until now, it’s been something that no-one seems to like to talk about and I think we’re making life a lot harder for ourselves by doing so. 

I would love to kick off a more open discussion around this via the comments section or on social media. I’ve shared my own stats and fees below as a way of getting this started. If you’re happy to do the same, please leave me a comment with some info in or just your thoughts on the whole topic – if you’d prefer not to do it publicly, please feel free to drop me an email in confidence or a Twitter DM or something. I plan to follow up this post with some informed answers on the different rates people are charging (no names will be given) so that we can all find a comparison for other people with similar stats to us. 

My stats/fees:

Combined followers count of over 20,000 across Twitter/Instagram/Facebook 

Average 12,000 unique site visitors per month

Over 550,000 followers on Pinterest

Sponsored posts from £150

What are your thoughts on this topic?

Blogging tips - what to charge for sponsored posts



YSL Sahariennes Bronzing Stones Review

YSL Sahariennes Bronzing Stones reviewYSL Sahariennes Bronzing Stones reviewYSL Sahariennes Bronzing Stones review
I have a total soft spot for anything YSL seem to launch. It was one of the first high end brands I ever bought myself and ever since then, I’ve always gravitated towards it when I’m in need of a beauty treat. Despite my ongoing love/hate relationship with their false lash effect mascara (it’s so much better now post-reformulation) there are very few dud buys and I’m happy to confirm that their new Sahariennes Bronzing Stones are also a winning purchase.

The name is a bit odd as these in no way feel like a stone, however they do have a baked powder consistency that lends itself really well to a big fluffy brush. They also come in the classic YSL gold compact that screams all kinda fancy things.

There are three shades available – you can see the lightest 01 Sunstone and darkest 03 Jasper in the photos. Sunstone really is very light for a bronzer, which I am VERY happy about. It will probably be too light if your skin tone is anything other than super pale, but it’s unusual to get decent shades for porcelain skins, so I’m pretty excited. The medium shade Fire Opal (not pictured) will work for light to medium skins and Jasper is a very deep bronze, so one for people who love a deep tan or are naturally darker.

It’s great to see some new bronzers that are virtually matte – you can easily use these as contour shades or just for an all over wash of colour. I’ve been applying Sunstone across the areas that naturally catch the sun (or those that would if I actually tanned); the tops of my cheeks, edges of my forehead and a light dusting across my nose and chin. For me it’s about adding a subtle glow to the skin, but you can build up the pigmentation if you like to get something a little deeper.

YSL often include a little brush with their powder products and the Saharienne Bronzing Stones all have a small one in a separate pocket of their velvet pouch. It’s pretty decent quality as ‘free’ brushes go and is more than adequate for a quick top up on the go.

I find they wear for around 7 hours before any fading starts to happen, so if you’ve got a long day ahead, you may need to do a quick top up mid-afternoon.

They’re a limited edition piece of the summer collection, so won’t be around for too much longer, so do grab one quickly if you’re liking what you see. They’re £35 each, so about what you’d expect for a YSL compact and are available at all YSL stockists.

Do you like the look of these new bronzers from YSL?

*contains PR samples



Soap and Glory Summer Makeup Launches

Soap & Glory new makeup launches  - summer 2016
Soap & Glory Ultimatte Collection eye shadow palette review
Soap & Glory Kick into Neutral eye shadow palette review
Soap & Glory Made You Blush blusher review and swatches
Soap & Glory Made You Blush blusher review and swatches
Soap & Glory have come out with some rather tasty new makeup treats over the past month and I have to apologise for being so slow to show them to you. Life has gotten in the way a bit and so I’m a *tiny* bit behind on my blogging schedule and giving myself a slapped wrist in the process.

Anyhow, all that is by the by as these new launches are permanent fixtures (phew!) and are definitely ones to add to your next Boots haul.

First up are the Made You Blush blushers, which come in three different shades. These softly-milled powders have a velvety feel to them – not like your usual powdery texture at all. They’re surprisingly pigmented, so apply lightly and build up to your chosen depth of colour. Twinkle Rose is a definite NARS Orgasm dupe with its soft shimmer and pink-rose gold tones. Pink and Rosy Chic are more matte and cover off the brighter and softer pink/coral shades; Pink is too bold for my pale skin but would look stunning on someone with a tan.

The little black compacts come with an inbuilt mirror and brush, so they’re easy to use on the go and at £9 each, I think are well worth a purchase.

I know you all get excited over a good eye shadow palette (me too!) so be prepared to want both of these little beauts. They’re both full of a great blend of neutral shades, but the Ultimatte Collection palette features all matte shades and Kick Into Neutral features mostly shimmers. If I had to pick just one, I’d go for Kick Into Neutral as I prefer something with a touch of shimmer but to be honest, they both have great pigmentation and blendability. The cardboard packaging feels pretty sturdy and although I’d like to see a really vibrant copper added to either palette, they are blatantly ones you can get about 435346654 uses out of without getting bored.

Both of the palettes feature a miniature dual-ended brush and a decent sized mirror, so they're good for use on the go. There are a couple of the lighter shades in the matte palette which are a bit chalky, but other than that, I think they're great! They're £13 each, but currently on buy one get one half price at Boots.

You can find all of the Soap & Glory new launches at Boots.

Do you like the look of their new makeup ranges?

*contains PR samples



Blogging Tips: How To Manage A Blog And Work Full Time

One of the questions I get asked the most is how I manage to keep blogging regularly AND work full time. I'm not going to lie, it involves a hell of a lot of organisation, less of a social life and not as much sleep as I'd like, but I'm definitely not alone in doing it.

I'm quite lucky in that my 'day job' is based in the middle of central London and I have a very nice boss who knows about my blog and thinks it's a great additional asset to my career. I work in digital but for a corporate multi-national, so while the content might be massively different, a lot of the skills cross over. The office location also means it's quite easy for me to pop to press events and launches before work, during my lunch break or straight afterwards without having to take too much annual leave (because to be honest, I'd rather save that for an actual holiday!).

When you work 40+ hours a week and also spend the same amount of time on your blog, it's important to be organised. Like really, really organised. Otherwise you end up chained to a computer, with no social life at all and that can all get a bit depressing. I'm only speaking from personal experience here as it's totally up to you how much time you want to set aside on your blog, how many posts you like to put up per week etc, but I thought I'd share a few of my tips for making the most of the time you've got, while still having time to do other things, like actually seeing your friends and family!

Write a shitload of lists - lists are your BFF when it comes to blog organisation (and everything in life if you're me, ha ha). Make a note of what you plan to photograph each week, which blog posts are drafted/need drafting, social media schedules, upcoming events/launches etc. It all helps to keep you focused and feels so satisfying when you can cross things off the list. It also gives a good excuse to buy nice stationery that can double up as photography props (see my post on creating the perfect flat lay for more ideas) so it's a double win.

Make the most of every moment - use your commute to work to write draft copy for blog posts, plan future content or reply to comments. I often spend my lunch breaks replying to emails or catching up with PRs over lunch to give me more time in the evenings to do blog admin, photo editing and the like.

Photograph in bulk - even in summer, getting the right light to take photos can be a total bitch, so I normally set aside several hours on either a Saturday or Sunday morning to get an entire week's worth done. That way I can spend a few evenings in the week editing them, safe in the knowledge they're already taken.

Don't over-commit - it's all very well saying yes to lots of launches or agreeing to review tons of products, but in reality, will you actually have the time to focus on them all? It's very easy to say yes to everything in a haze of excitement, but it's much better to take a little extra time to decide if the product is right for your readers and if you can genuinely set aside time to write about it.

Schedule, schedule, schedule - almost every blogger I know schedules social media posts to help promote their content throughout the day, but scheduling upcoming blog posts can also be really helpful. There will always be times when you want to put something out while it's fresh in your head - a bit of a rant or a heartfelt post you might never publish if you have too much time to think, but for the most part, I try to schedule a week's worth of posts in advance. It helps to take the pressure off a little if you're having a bad day and can't think of what to write, or just can't face looking at your laptop after a full day in the office.

Make time to do other stuff - it's really easy to get sucked in to the blogging world and feel like you need to spend every spare moment you have on it. But that often ends up leading to a whole load of blogger's block and general 'mehness'. Go do fun stuff, enjoy yourself and if you can be bothered, take a few photos and it might turn into an unexpected blog post!

What are your top tips for managing a blog and keeping organised?


3 Pinky-Nude Lipsticks Everyone Needs In Their Life

3 nude pink lipsticks everyone needs
3 nude pink lipsticks everyone needs swatches
The perfect nude lipstick often seems harder to find than calorie-free cake. I've lost count of the number of times I've tried different ones and still not had that Cinderella moment. Over the past few weeks I've been testing out a whole load of lippies and have found three that I think will work for everyone. They're all slightly different, so don't feel bad if you decide to buy them all. Just apologise to your bank balance in advance.

Kevyn Aucoin Evermore - it never feels like the Kevyn Aucoin brands gets much love, which is a shame as it is AMAZEBALLS! Yes, you can only really find it in store at Space NK, but it's well worth the effort and potentially shit service (or just go online via Cult Beauty instead). Evermore is the lightest of all three shades featured here - a bit of a 'my lips but better'. The formula is rich and creamy, doesn't drag and wears for hours. It's matte in finish but easy to wear and won't need lots of prep in advance. I'll definitely be hunting down other shades in the same formula. £26

Charlotte Tilbury Hot Lips Liv It Up - The Tilbury's new lipstick collection is essentially one that dreams are made of. It features 12 new shades (and 4 re-issues), each inspired by a celeb lady. £1 from each lipstick sale is being donated to Women for Women International, so if you're feeling a bit guilty about spending £23 on a lipstick, this definitely helps to balance that out. It's also a great organisation that supports thousands of the world's most socially-excluded women. Charlotte has collaborated with 12 superstar women to create the new shades. I LOVE the Liv It Up shade, which is inspired by Liv Tyler and comes in the K.I.S.S.I.N.G formula. It's another nude-pink that's much softer than the NYX one below; you could easily wear it with a pared-down face for a laid back look or with a smokey eye for something more sultry.

NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream Tokyo - I am OBSESSED with NYX liquid lipsticks at the moment. I have about a dozen is different shades and formulas, but Tokyo is definitely the easiest to wear for any time of day. It's quite a pink-toned nude, so *does* make it look like you're wearing lipstick, but the very slight blue undertone makes it super flattering on pretty much all skin tones. It dries down to a matte finish, but thankfully it's one that doesn't need a crap ton of lip prep and it lasts for a good 4 hours (including drinks) before you might need a little top up. The best part is that it costs £5.50, so it's almost as cheap as M&S's current lunchtime meal deal (which FYI is a rip off. The lipstick is not).

Are you a fan of any of these lipsticks? Which is your favourite nude shade?

*contains PR samples


The Primark Jumpsuit Of Dreams

Primark Jumpsuit paisley Outfit
Margate pink deckchairs
Primark Jumpsuit paisley Outfit Margate Melt Gelato review
Primark Jumpsuit paisley Outfit
I know it's not often that I do fashion posts, but I couldn't resist showing you this little beauty from Primark. Jumpsuits and playsuits are normally something I avoid like the plague as they tend to look awful on my pear-shaped figure, but a random Primark try on session a few weeks ago unearthed a total gem.

This red paisley jumpsuit is possibly the comfiest thing I have owned for years - it's like wearing PJs out in public, but without having to worry that you'll be massively judged by everyone around you. It also fits like a dream - skimming over my ass and thighs, without looking horrifically baggy on my smaller top half. There's also ZERO camel toe, which let me tell you, is really friggin' hard to find.

I wore it this weekend for a day trip out to Margate with my group of besties. The sun was out, but I felt lovely and cool, even though I was fully covereed in the leg department. It wasn't exactly a planned outfit shoot, so forgive the slightly hodgepodge feel to the photos, but you all seemed to be loving it over on Instagram, so I thought I'd show it off properly in all its £17 glory.

Like all jumpsuits, you're going to have to get half naked in order to pee, so factor that in when you decide to wear it (festivals are NOT the one), but the zip at the front makes it pretty quick and painless.

The only *tiny* annoying part is that the tie at the waist is totally decorative and not a drawstring, so you can't pull it in any more if you have a teeny little waist, but I'll let you off on that one Primark as it's so bloody good.

I found this about 2 weeks ago in the Tottenham Court Road branch of Primark, so it should hopefully still be in stores now if you're liking what you see.


Lancome Grandiose Liquid Liner - innovative design, but is it any good?

Lancome Grandiose eye liner review -swatches on eyes
Lancome Grandiose eye liner review
Lancome Grandiose eye liner review -swatches on eyes
A statement black liner flick is a bit of a trademark look for me. There aren't many days that my makeup doesn't feature one and if I'm honest, I feel a bit naked without it.

Over the years I've tested out a LOT of different liquid liners with varying results, always coming back to my trusty DHC Liquid Liner. So I was intrigued to give Lancome's new Grandiose Liner a try when it popped through the door the other week to see how it would compare.

The Grandiose Liner is the follow up from their 2014 mascara launch, which saw a seriously innovative wand design. The Liner follows the same pattern - Lancome have created a flexible handle that can be adjusted to make it easy to use from all angles and across both eyes. There's also a very fine nib that allows you to get a precise line right at the base of your lashes.

I'm going to warn you now, it WILL take a few goes to get used to both the handle and the nib. Even as someone that uses liquid liner every day, it took a bit of adjustment for me to get comfy with it. But once I did, I was really impressed at how easy it was to get a very neat line along the lashes and also at how simple it made it to get even flicks on both sides. That's definitely a big deal - wonky/uneven liner flicks are a pain in the bum and no-one wants to be wandering around with that all day long (or spending 30 minutes trying to get equal ones!).

I think it's the adjustable handle that makes it that much easier to get your flicks on point. Although I'd recommend holding the handle quite low down for maximum control, the fact you can move it into different angles means you can get the same level of control on both eyes, without needing to switch over to use your less-dominant hand.

Pigment-wise, it's not the blackest liner I've ever used, but it does dry quickly and lasts well throughout the day. It has a smudge-resistant formula that has performed really well, only failing slightly during on very sweaty journey on the Central Line, so I won't judge it based on that!

On balance, my usual DHC liner still holds the top spot for me, but that's purely down to the fact that I prefer a thicker flick and I found it a little arduous trying to build that up with the Lancome one as the brush is very fine. That really is just personal taste though and I've been very happy with the formula so far.

The Grandiose Liner can be found across Lancome stockists priced £23.

Do you like the look of this new liner from Lancome?

*contains PR samples


Affordable Cleansing Devices Under £40

affordable cleansing brushes from Mary Kay and FOREO
affordable cleansing brushes from Mary Kay and FOREO
affordable cleansing brushes from Mary Kay and FOREO
Cleansing brushes are normally seen as an investment purchase, with many retailing for £100 and up. While they might be a great addition to your skincare regime, it's quite a lot of money to throw down on something you're not sure you will love, so I wanted to find a few alternatives that are a bit more pocket friendly.

I've featured FOREO's Luna range several times on the blog and have to admit, that these silicone, bristle-free devices tend to work best for my skin. I find them really gentle yet super effective at getting rid of all traces of makeup and daily grime and leave me feeling really refreshed after each use.

The Luna Play is a scaled down version that's the perfect option for anyone who travels a lot or wants to try the brand without shelling out £150 for the regular devices. It's about the same size as a cotton pad and uses the same t-sonic technology as it's bigger brothers and sisters. Despite the small size, you get an incredibly thorough cleanse and at just £29, it's a really great way to discover the brand. Unfortunately it's not rechargeable, but you should get around 100 uses from it (3 months) - long enough to decide if you'd like to invest in the full-size Luna.

Mary Kay's Skinvigorate brush is more of a traditional cleansing brush, with soft bristles and two different speeds for customisable cleansing. The nylon bristles have rounded tips, which make them feel super gentle on the skin. The pack includes two brush heads, giving you up to six months use (replacement heads can also be bought separately).

I like to use this brush in the mornings in the shower - the fact that it's waterproof makes life so much easier! I normally use it with either a gel or foaming cleanser as I find they work best, but anything creamy or foamy would work well. The trick is to make sure the brush is nice and wet - if it's too dry, it will feel more scratchy on the skin. It works really well for exfoliation too, so you may not need to use an extra scrub if cleansing with this brush every day.

At £35 for the brush and two heads, it's so much more affordable than many others on the high street! Mine is a limited edition version, however the regular ones are usually white if you don't fancy the purple!

Are you a fan of cleansing brushes? Which ones are your favourite?

*contains PR samples



NARS Super-sized Orgasm Blusher

NARS super sized Orgasm blusher review
NARS super sized Orgasm blusher review
Talk to any beauty addict and you can almost guarantee that she'll have a NARS Orgasm blusher in her collection. It's one of those iconic products that we all love and can't quite seem to get enough of.

NARS seem to have realised this, as they've released a limited edition, super-sized Orgasm (so many possible puns) this summer. It's over a third bigger than the original and comes with an incredibly pretty box design, created by Fabien Baron of Baron & Baron. 

Orgasm is a universally flattering, pinky-peach shade shot through with a slight golden shimmer. On paler skins it adds a flush of colour with a gentle warmth to it; on darker skins it can be built up for a pop of colour on the cheeks or used very lightly as a more unusual highlighter. It's a powder blusher, so great for all skin types and is something I always reach for on a regular basis. 

If you're a fan of Orgasm, then the super-sized version is a must-have. And it's great value for money if you've not tried it before - at £28 it's well worth purchasing this one over the £23 original for the extra product in the pan. 

I'm never quite sure how I feel about NARS' shade names (and big apologies if you landed here after searching for 'super sized orgasm in Google and are now terribly disappointed), but that aside, their products really do speak for themselves. 

The super-sized version is limited edition and can be bought via the NARS website and selected NARS counters. 

Are you a fan of NARS Orgasm? What's your favourite blusher? 

*contains PR samples 


7 Pay Day Beauty Treats You Need This Month

8 beauty pay day treats you need
8 beauty pay day treats you need
8 beauty pay day treats you need
It's not long since pay day for most of us, giving you the perfect excuse for a little treat that's completely guilt-free. I thought I'd pick out a few things that I absolutely loved this month that I think are well worth spending your hard-earned pennies on. Throw in a couple of gin and tonics and a Ben's Cookie (peanut butter and chocolate for the win) and you've got yourself a seriously good pay day...

Zoeva Nude Spectrum palette - I bought this in Selfridges as part of my recent haul and even though it's only a few days in, I'm absolutely loving it! Not only is it the perfect mix of nude and bronze shades, but they're all ridiclously pigmented, super soft and blendable. I don't care if you have a dozen nude eye shadow palettes already (#guilty) - you need this one! £28.50

Pixi Glow Tonic To Go - Glow Tonic was the first product I ever bought from Pixi and it's still a firm favourite of mine, The exfoliating toner gives a gentle way to remove dead skin cells, thanks to the glycolic acid in it's formula. They've just introduced a more travel-friendly version in these handy little pads - they're pre-soaked in Glow Tonic and are so simple to use! They also don't take up much space, so are great for anyone who flys a lot. You get 60 pads in a pot, which is around a 2 month supply. £16

Make Up For Ever Excessive Lash Mascara - it's not often I find a new mascara that I absolutely adore, but OMG that one is a beaut. The tiny brush is very deceptive as it actually gives your lashes incredible volume and lift and two coats is enough for a very sexy lash flutter. Brush it on at the lashes and then give the wand a good wiggle to get the best effect. I've actually stopped using my trusty Too Faced Better Than Sex mascara in favour of this one, which should give you some idea of how much I'm loving it. £19

The Body Shop Rose Face Mask - look out for an entire post on this new range soon, but I couldn't resist including the Rose mask from The Body Shop now! It's just perfect for this time of year as it's really soothing on the skin and also help to add moisture and plump it up. I like to use it a couple of times a week as a bed time treat - it really does make a difference! It's also scented with the most amazing rose fragrance. Double win.

Stella McCartney POP fragrance - this is the first Stella fragrance I've tried and I am loving it! POP is aimed at a younger audience than some of her original scents and blends notes of tuberrose with sandalwood, tomato leaf and green mandarin. It's fresh and yet floral and feels like a scent that would work for any time of year. £74 100ml

Garnier Pure Active Miceller Water for oily skin - Garnier's micellar water range just keeps on getting bigger! I've been using their standard one for months and find it to be really gentle on the skin. The Pure Active water is aimed at combination to oily skin types and has a slightly more astringent feel to it, but still manages to be non-drying and very gentle. I'll be using this version throughout the summer as my skin tends to get a bit shinier when it's hot (sexy) and then will probably switch back to the regular one come autumn. A giant 400ml bottle only costs £4.99, making it such an affordable treat!

Orly Neon Nail Polishes - nothing says summer quite like a bright nail polish and I've been obsessed with Orly's Pacific Coast Highway range for the past few weeks. The shades are super bright on their own, but you could also put a coat of white polish underneath for a seriously bold pop of colour. There are 6 shades to choose from - my favourites are the bold orange (Life's a Beach) and also Put The Top Down, which is a coral-pink. £10.90 each.

*contains PR samples
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