Atelier Cologne Collection Metal

Atelier Cologne are a luxury French perfume house, that have created a new type of fragrance: Cologne Absolute. The brainchild of a couple who have worked for some of the largest fragrance houses around, they create their fragrances using high quality, natural oils, inspired by nature. 

Atelier Cologne Gold Leather

Atelier Cologne Gold Leather

Traditionally colognes have a strong citrus base to them, and don't contain high levels of perfume essence. This means they are often very fresh scented, but don't last long on the skin.

Atelier Cologne's Cologne Absolute uses a similar citrus base to their fragrances, but use up to 18% of the perfume essence, making them the same kind of percentage, and lasting time, as an Eau de Parfum. 

They have recently launched a new range of fragrances: the Collection Metal*. Consisting of two frgrances, the collection is held in bottles that are covered in genuine silver and gold, bringing a whole new meaning to luxury perfume! 

Silver Iris is the more traditionally feminine of the two scents (although they are designed to be unisex). It has top notes of tangerine, pink pepper and blackcurrant, mixed with violet leaves, iris, mimosa, white amber and more. It smells very fresh, but with a floral undertone to it.

Gold Leather is a really unusual fragrance. It initially smells a little like congac, and wears down to a slightly spicy, more masculine scent. It features bitter orange, Jamaican rum, plum, eucalyptus, cedarwood, leather and more. I've worn this scent and so has my male tester and it seems to work well on both sexes. 

Prices for the range are between the £100 to £200 mark. Before you faint, let me tell you what you get for your money! £200 buys you a 200ml bottle of fragrance, plus a 30ml travel bottle and a leather pouch that can be customised by colour, or have initials added. It does seem very expensive, but when you think that a 50ml bottle of Chanel No5 will set you back over £65, it doesn't seem such bad value! I think they make beautiful gifts, and also have candles and soaps to complement the perfume selection. 

Atelier Cologne can be found in Liberty London and Selfridges. As well as the Collection Metal, they also have a fantastic line of other fragrances which are definitely worth a sniff. 

Do you like the sound of Atelier Cologne? 

*PR sample



  1. I adore the packaging of this cologne!

    xx Kim

  2. I love the sound of these and I think they would make a great present, the presentation is lovely. I had a bottle of organic perfume for my birthday and it was £120 for 100ml natural fragrance doesn't come cheap but I love it! Xx


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