Watermelon nail art tutorial - guest post

The lovely Laura from Chambray and Curls is guest posting for me today. I'm a big fan of her blog, and love nails, so doubly excited by this post! Take it away Laura...

Easy Peasy 4 Step Watermelon Manicure

So Kat asked if I'd like to put together a little guest post for her, to which I immediately said 'Yes!' and then thought- oh no! What to do on a beauty queen's blog! Kat does skincare better than anyone else I know, and trying to compete with her amazing bright lippy? Foolhardy! So, I stuck with what I know, and headed to my polish collection :)

Nail art is one of my favourite ways to get creative with make-up. It is such a fun way to add a little something else to your look- wearing just jeans and a tee can feel 1000x more interesting with a little bit of sparkle on your nails. Plus, I can't resist a theme :) I love this watermelon manicure for being sweet and summery, it looks great on short or long nails and it really is easy as anything!

What you'll need: 

A base coat and top coat (I always use OPI nail envy)
1 deep coral polish (mine is Leighton Denny I love Juicy)
1 green polish (mine is Korres Emerald)
1 white polish (mine is L'Oreal Snow in Megeve)
1 black polish (Mine is Rimmel Salon Pro Black Pearl)
a teeny tiny brush (great if its a nail art brush, if not, that's fine too)
a dotter (sneaky tip- a pin pushed into the rubber on the end of a pencil does the job just dandy)
a palette for excess varnish (cover any old plate with clingfilm if you want!)

What to do:

Before anything, file and shape your nails and pop on your base coat. Then you're ready to get started!

1. Paint your nails all over with your deep coral varnish and let it dry. Have a blog browse or pop on some telly.

2. Freehand, paint your green varnish french tip style. Don't panic if your lines aren't completely straight, its fine! A quick tip is to dab off some of your extra varnish onto your palette so it doesn't blob and become too thick on the ends of your nails. Let it dry for a minute or two.

3. Dab a good blob of white varnish onto your palette and then dip your weeny nail brush into it. Paint the white varnish in a line just below the green varnish. Then drag up a little of the white polish is rough lines up into the green polish- it gives the duo effect of the rind nicely. I find it easiest to do each nail completely before moving onto the next so that the polish doesn't dry before you can drag it up.

4. Blob some black polish onto your palette, dip your dotter into it and dot away! Start by the cuticle and make the dots more sparse by the rind. Then you just need to paint on a top coat and you're done.

I really hope you enjoyed this little tutorial!

If you have a go yourself I'd love to see the results - get in touch and tweet me! (@lauracandc) Thank you so much Kat for having me take over your blog. See you soon! xxx


  1. They look so good! Defo going to give them ago, but I have the worst steady hand so it could be a disaster!!Xx

    Lucy Cole | A UK Fashion, Style and Beauty Blog

    1. I had a go last night and they're not too tricky :)

  2. These are so cute, they look amazing!x

  3. Amazing! Love the rings too x

    Claire | AgentSmyth

  4. Cute nails! Great tutorial!

    If you'd like to write a guest post nail tutoral on my blog I'd love it!

    Kimberley x


  5. These are so cute, I tried doing strawberry nails once but they didn't look anywhere near as professional as your nails!

    Slightly Skint Blog


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