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All of the opinions published on talesofapaleface.com are my own and not paid for in any way. I'm what can only be described as a product junkie. I love trying new things and sharing them with you. Sometimes I'm lucky enough to receive product samples from companies - these are all clearly marked with an * and given the same honest reviews as anything I buy with my own hard-earned cash. If something hasn't worked for me, I will always explain why.

Sponsored posts:
Occasionally I will take paid for posts from companies. I only take sponsored posts that I feel fit within the usual content of my blog, and all sponsored posts will be clearly marked as either 'sponsored post', 'collaboration post' or 'written in collaboration with...'.

Affiliate links
Occasionally affiliate links will be used within my blog posts. If you click on one of these and then make a purchase, I will receive a very small amount of money in commission. These are only used where relevant and do not affect which products I choose to feature. 

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