Neo Stem skincare review

Neo Stem are a French skincare brand that have recently launched into Marks and Spencer beauty halls across the UK. Their serum is the number one selling serum in French pharmacies - a pretty good pedigree!

Proven to reduce the signs of ageing, they currently have a small range, focused on two types of serum and an eye cream.

The range was developed by a team of scientists who had been involved in research to help stop progeria; a condition which causes premature ageing in children, who often look like they are 80 when in fact they may only be 8. 

The ageing process in Progeria is caused by a toxic protein called Progerin, and the scientists found that a combination of two active ingredients helped to reduce the Progerin toxicity levels, slowing the ageing process. They have combined these in a lower percentage for the development of the Neo Stem range, and have had proven anti-ageing results.

The products use the active ingredients Omega Statine and Z-Dronate. These work together to stimulate collagen synthesis and also slow down the production of progerin, meaning that the ageing process becomes less obvious.

I've been testing out two new products: Eye Contour Care* eye cream and a new version of their serum* which is designed for drier skin types.

The eye cream has a very light texture and is absorbed quickly around the eye area.  You only need a very small amount, and apply by tapping gently around the eye socket using your ring finger. I find the eye cream very hydrating and have been using it morning and night for the past few weeks. My eye area looks very smooth and plump.

The serum that I've been testing is designed for dry skin (there is also another type for normal- combination). It feels very rich and is designed to be used only at night. I apply between two to three pumps across the entire face and neck area and this is plenty for me. As my skin is more combination during the summer, I think it's a little too rich for my skin type, and I haven't needed to apply a moisturiser over the top of it. It does leave my skin feeling very soft and hydrated, but I think I would be better suited to the original version.

Prices are reasonably high: the Eye Contour Care is £39 for 20ml and the Serums are £59 each. Both the eye cream and dry skin serum will be released in September, but for now, you can find the original serum in M&S beauty.

Do you like the sound of Neo Stem? 

*PR samples


  1. high-tech stuff! by the way, how do you feel it enlightens dark circles?

    from isabela at fusels.com | bloglovin

    1. not bad, but I don't have very bad dark circles to test it on x

  2. This sounds really interesting, i've not seen this brand before, definitely on the pricey side though! xx

    1. yes, it is pretty pricey, but very good x

  3. I think Ruth is doing a giveaway of the serum too. Its interesting how medical R&D can be used in the beauty industry.


    1. It's really interesting how the two can work together x

  4. Michelle given her opinion,

    Cool products for skin care. I'm willing to know that when will be available these products through worldwide. I think when this products will be available through the world then a vast range of response will be cover on. Thanks :)

  5. I think it is best skin care product. It seem to me very effective and useful as well.


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