My makeup and jewellery storage

Over the past few months as my makeup and jewellery collection has grown quite a bit (blogger cliché or what!), I've had to increase the amount of storage I use to keep everything tidy. My vintage dressing table acts as a hold-all for my ever growing stash, and I've made myself get organised to avoid a massive mess.

Most of my makeup goes into a drawer, which I've sorted into 4 main sections using old Glossybox/Birchbox boxes. I've got one for blushers/bronzers, one for bases and powders and a third for all my lip products (slightly ashamed at how many of those there are!). Behind all of these sits some palettes/kits and a makeup bag for when I go away.

Makeup stash and storage

Makeup stash and storage

Jewellery box

Jewellery storage

Underneath the dressing table I keep a big Paperchase box that contains all of my eye products - palettes, mascaras, liners etc. I'd like to get these all into my dressing table at some point, but that will mean clearing out another drawer!

On top, I have a vintage jewellery box that I use to sort the majority of my rings, bracelets and small chain necklaces, and I keep all of my chunky statement necklaces looped over the side of my big dressing table mirror.

I've been looking at some cute jewellery boxes and necklace stands, as a lot of my smaller chains keep getting tangled in the messy one I have at the moment! I think if I can hang them up properly it will help stop this happening and make it easier to see them all.

So that's a bit on an insight into my current storage methods - what do you use to store your makeup/jewellery stash?

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  1. Wow your stash looks like heaven! I'm especially crushing on your Urban Decay Smoked Palette!

    Jodie x

    1. he he, thanks :) The Smoked palette is fab! x

  2. The things I'd do to have a good rummage through that stash!


  3. Ooh I would love to rifle through all of that xx


  4. they're great, aren't they! Such nice designs x

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  6. Kat this reminds me that I HAVE TO sort through my stuff. I'm dreading it! ;) I also use old glossyboxed - who doesn't ;)


  7. It's nice to see a more normal make-up collection, most beauty bloggers have everything in these nice see through draws or filling cabinets. Mine is all just shoved in boxes with minimal organisation!

    Slightly Skint Blog

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