Clean eating update - the day I had a cake revelation

For the past week, I've been eating a pretty good diet. I posted last week about wanting to give up the rubbish and focus on good, natural foods and with the help of my online trainer Charis (more on him later), I've been bobbing along nicely.

Until today. Today I hit the cake wall. My mind was literally consumed by cake. I had some nuts. Still thought about cake. My Tweets turned into a cake brain filled epic of dullness. In the end, after lunch, I made the trip to a local bakery, bought a brownie and enjoyed every last second of it. Did I want another one? Nope. I could barely get through the first one, and didn't even cry when I accidentally dropped a bit on the floor. It was enough. 

Charis also helped me by emailing me and reminding me that having a brownie once a week is fine. After several days of eating well, one brownie isn't going to ruin everything, and that in fact, can help me get over the cake fixation and move on.

About Charis

I enlisted the help of Charis after my clean eating post last week. He helps people achieve their goals through diet and exercise, but works remotely, mostly via email or video, providing dietary advice and fitness regimes. 

He's been amazing at steering me in the right direction of what to eat, and to get me back on the workout train. I did my first one Sunday afternoon and nearly cried at how unfit I've become, but hey, at least I'm making a start. I can email him any questions I have, and he always comes back with a completely supportive, common sense answer. 

You'll be hearing more about Charis and my healthy eating journey over the next 8 weeks, but in the meantime. if you like the idea of a remote personal trainer, check out his website or the blog he runs with girlfriend Laura


  1. Well done on the clean eating, every time I try something goes wrong! Checking out that blog for sure!


  2. Sounds like you're doing awesome!!
    I love clean eating :) I used to have THE biggest sweet tooth (Jaffa cakes for breakfast anyone..?) but since I have been eating better I'm not craving sugar hardly at all. Last week I went for afternoon tea and had to get them to doggie bag my brownie lol
    Natalie xoxo
    The Blonde Ethos


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