Mary Kay at Play makeup launch

Mary Kay are a brand well known in the US, but not quite as familiar in the UK. A catalogue based brand, they remind me a little of Avon, and have just released their new line: Mary Kay at Play.

Designed for a younger audience than their traditional collections, Mary Kay at Play is aimed at 16-25 year olds and offers an impressive range of on trend colour cosmetics. 

The range focuses on lips and eyes and has four main products: eye crayons, lip crayons, baked eye trios and jelly lip glosses. For the launch, there are 4 shades of each, totalling 16 pieces.

Mary Kay lip crayons and jelly lip glosses

Mary Kay lip crayons and jelly lip gloss swatches
Top: Lip Crayon swatches, bottom Jelly Lip Gloss swatches
Mary Kay eye crayons and eyeshadow trios
Mary Kay eye crayon swatches
Eye crayon swatches
Mary Kay eye trio swatches
Ocean view eye trio swatches
Mary Kay eye trio swatches
Tuxedo eye trio swatches

Lip Crayons* - these are very glossy, but well pigmented, and feel very moisturising on the lips. I've tried out Toasted, which is a neutral shade, and Perfect Pink, a soft pink shade, both of which can be worn quite sheer, or built up for a deeper colour. £7.50 each.

Jelly Lip Glosses* - Despite looking pretty bright in the tubes, the Jelly Lip Glosses do apply quite sheerly. They can be used alone, or layered over the top of one of the Lip Crayons for a high shine finish. They are quite sticky, and not my favourite items from the collection, but there is a nice range of shades. £7 each.

Baked Eye Trios* - these are my favourite items from the collection. The shadows are highly pigmented, blend easily and each shade is highly wearable. I've swatched Ocean View (the blues) and Tuxedo (grey), but there's also On The Horizon (plums) and Earth Bound (earthy tones) to choose from. £8 each.

Eye Crayons* - creamy, and easy to apply, I think the eye crayons will be very popular. The shade range is lovely and has a gold, navy, plum and green, all of which would work well together. They do come out quite sheer, but are easy to build and lasting power is pretty average. £7.50 each.

The whole Mary Kay at Play range can be found online on the Mary Kay website. Will you be ordering anything? 

*PR samples



  1. Oooh I'm always excited to try new brands! I'll have a look for sure x

  2. I used some of the Mary Kay products when I lived in Canada. They certainly aren't like Avon with their prices. LOL! The skin care is expensive.


  3. Love that red gloss shade, really pretty x

  4. I love how the lip crayons came out! they seem to be really decent quality :)
    isabela – fusels.com x

  5. The Baked Eye Trios Look Gorg!
    I Probably Wouldn't Go For These Colours But I Like The Sounds Of 'On The Horizon' And 'Earth Bound'
    Would Love To See What They Look Like!

    oOo Becky oOo

    BKY Bubble oOo Beauty, Life, Baby, Bits & Bobs


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