Bloom Remedies Anti Cellulite Oil and Massager review

Bloom Remedies is an organic skincare brand that make their range of aromatherapy products in small batches, by hand. 

All of the products are  free from parabens, mineral oil, urea and synthetic fragrances and colours, instead using high quality essential oil, flower waters and herbal extracts.

Bloom Remedies anti-cellulite oil and body massager

I've been testing out their Anti-Cellulite Oil* and body massager* (sold separately) which are designed to help tone the skin and combat cellulite in problem areas.

The Anti-Cellulite Oil contains organic sesame and safflower oils to stimulate, antioxidant Sea buckthorn and Juniper, Grapefruit, Cypress and Cinnamon essential oils which all work with the body to help remove toxins and water retention from the body.

You use the oil by applying a small amount to the areas you want to target (bum and tops of thighs in my case), and then massage in vigorously either using your hands or the massager. The oil is really quick to sink in, and doesn't leave you feeling at all greasy, which is great if like me, you are often in a rush to get ready in the mornings! 

I love the fresh smell of the oil, and it's really uplifting. I wouldn't recommend using it too close to bed as some of the essential oils do have quite refreshing properties, but it's perfect first thing or when you aren't running straight off to bed after a bath/pamper session.

As with all cellulite treatments, you do need to use the oil daily to see the best effects and combining it with the massager will work even better. I started to notice that the tone of my skin looked a bit firmer after a few days and after a month there was a definite improvement in my much hated orange peel. 

What I like about Bloom is that they offer two different sizes of this product, perfect if you want to test it out before comitting to the larger size. 50ml costs £6.99 and 100ml is £10.99, both of which I think are very good value. If you fancy buying the massager too, this sells for £5.99. 

I would definitely repurchase another bottle of the oil - I think it's a very good value product and I've seen positive results!

Have you tried anything from Bloom Remedies before?

*PR sample


  1. This sounds really lovely, though the brush looks like a torture weapon ha xx

    Lots of Love Beautyqueenuk!

  2. I love Bloom remedies, I am using their nourishing body oil and it's great, this sounds interesting though definitely one to try! x

  3. Ooh this is such a good price! I bought one of these massager things the other day but haven't used it yet, as wasn't quite sure how to use it!!! Now I think I need some of this oil to use it with and hopefully say bye bye to cellulite!! xx

    1. use it quite firmly, you want to massage yourself with it in circles and upward strokes x

  4. wow, this looks like a great product! Anything to try to get rid of the dreaded cellulite! ha!

    Lyndsay | Fizzy Peaches

  5. ive tried so many anti-cellulite products it's not even real but none of them work. not that i have a lot of it, but it's just that i have not noticed any difference at all. was maybe gonna do a AWT treatment but god knows if that works and i wont know until after i spent a lot of money :(

  6. Wow Thenx Mike. That was a very encouraging comment. Now I think I can have the confidence of taking up my swimming lessons. How to Reduce Cellulite

  7. If I ever need hair removal, I will sure try this! Hey girlie, LOVE your new picture, is that really you?? You look fabulous!! cellulite in Houston.

  8. i am also an advocate of natural treatments like massage, spa or exercise for healthy lifestyle but i am currently using laser for best cellulite treatment and it works good.

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  10. hi kat - glad to have found your blog! on a quick note, looking for bloom remedies anti-cellulite body oil… does not seem to be for sale on their website? has it been discontinued? many thanks and best wishes from ireland, rené

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