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Some days inspiration for new blog posts seems to be never ending - ideas flow and the copy virtually writes itself. Other days, it's not so much a glass half empty situation but a 'trying to find a drop left in the glass'. On days like that, I know it's time to pull out my pritt stick and scissors and start making a mood board.

Mood boards are great ways to get inspired, sometimes about things you didn't even know you liked! Essentially it's a bit collage of words and images you've liked the look of or that resonate at that moment, all stuck on a bit of card. Think of it like a real life Pinterest board but better.

I tend to gather up a stack of magazines and flick through them, cutting out any images, photos and phrases that speak to me at the time. It could be a pair of red lips or a beautiful stack of books - it changes each and every time I make one.

After a while, I grab all my clippings and stick them on my board, grouping them into themes as I go. It's then you can start to see the makings of ideas and how they might translate into blog posts.

I love the fact that these kinds of mood boards are tangible too - I love me a bit of Pinterest but there's something so nice about keeping a solid reminder and it's easy to pop on your desk if you want to come back to it later and use it again.

If you're not one for cutting and pasting, then a private Pinterest board can also work really well. This way you can gather up all your thoughts and ideas in one place, minus the need for craft materials. Be warned that it's easy to get distracted by images of beautiful cakes though!

Have you ever used mood boards for inspiration?

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