Sew Lomax custom makeup bags

I initially discovered Sew Lomax makeup bags about a year ago when their cute designs starred popping up in some of the weekly magazines. Their bags feature designs every beauty lover will adore - from lipstick prints, nail polish bottles and hair grips, in a wide range of colours.

Now they're taking it a step further and are offering a custom makeup bag design service. Via the website, you can create your dream bag, picking the shape, colour, design and even adding a message that will be sewn on.

Sew Lomax custom makeup bag
There are a ridiculous amount of combinations you could try - I sat down for hours in front of the screen playing around with different ideas and colour combinations. As well as the shape and colour of the bag itself, you can pick which designs you'd like sewn onto the bag, choose what thread colour you'd like each one to be and then place them in position exactly where you'd like them to appear on the finished product.

You can also choose a message or slogan that will be sewn into the bag if you like - great if you're ordering one as a gift for someone special or maybe just to let everyone know it's your makeup bag and to keep their hands off!

Once you've finalised your design and are happy with it, you purchase the bag and submit your design. A few weeks later the finished thing will drop through the letterbox. As it's a completely custom product this can take a little while, so do plan well in advance of you're planning to buy one as a gift.

At £30 each I think these are really good value. It might seem a bit pricey initially but the bags themselves are great quality plus you get the custom design so all in all its a price I'm more than happy to pay.

You can design your own bag via the Sew Lomax website. Do you like this idea? Is this something you'd like to do?

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