Panasonic EW-DE92 compact toothbrush review

About 18 months ago I made the switch to using an electric toothbrush after realising that it was time to take better care of what's actually inside of my mouth rather than just what shade of lipstick sits on the outside.

I initially went with a pretty basic brush to start with, but a few months ago the lovely people at Panasonic offered me a chance to road test what is essentially the Rolls Royce of toothbrushes so in the interests of dental hygiene I decided to give it a whirl.

Panasonic EW-DE92 compact toothbrush
Panasonic EW-DE92 compact toothbrush
The EW-DE92 is an ionic powdered toothbrush, so instead of rotating like many traditional electric toothbrushes it cleans your teeth using gentle electric pulses (31,000 brush strokes per minute to be precise). This is a slightly odd sensation that takes a little while to get used to but after a week or so you'll forget what a rotating brush was like!

The brush comes with three different heads - a standard shape, a gum cleaner and a pointed brush. There are also four modes on the brush that cater for whitening, sensitivity, gentle brushing and an extra gum health setting.

I've used all of the settings over the past few months and can safely say they really do the trick. The whitening setting is the most powerful and is great at removing surface stains from your teeth, helping to restore them to a naturally whiter shade.

As my teeth can be quite sensitive I've used the brush mainly on the sensitive setting, which is nice and gentle, but after two minutes you still feel like you've had a really good clean.

The brush has a two minute timer built in which buzzes every 30 seconds to let you know it's time to move on to the next section of your mouth. This comes in really handy - I always knew 2 minutes was the optimum cleaning time but this way it ensures all areas of your mouth get an equal clean.

To use the brush you simply move it gently across your teeth - there's no need to scrub like you would do normally with a traditional brush and this does take a bit of getting used to. I found myself wanting to make more movements than I needed to but I think that's just out of habit.

This is a rechargeable brush and unlike others I've tried, it lasts for almost a month on a single charge. This is great if you're heading away on holiday as you won't need to pack the charger making it simple to slip in your suitcase. When the battery is running low, you get a warning light flash to indicate it's time to charge it up. A full charge takes hours, so I'd recommend putting it on overnight to avoid having to charge it up too often. 

The only thing missing from the brush that I'd have liked to have had was some sort of pressure gauge. My cheaper toothbrush flashes red when I was brushing too hard which was really helpful to see and at this sort of price I'd have liked something similar here. After all, brushing too hard can be bad for your gums and it seems a shame to undo all the good work you're doing with the brush.

The EW-DE92 brush retails at £199.99 so it's definitely an investment buy, but it's one I'd recommend. After all, we all spend a lot of money on makeup and skincare, so it makes sense to me to invest in the one set of teeth we get as an adult. That said, make sure you keep an eye on the Boots website (they have the exclusive on this brush) as they very often have half price deals and if you can get this for under £100 snap it up quickly!

Are you a fan of electric toothbrushes? Would you spend £200 on one?

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