Crownbrush new makeup launches

I've raved about Crownbrush's makeup brushes many times on this blog - they're great quality, super affordable and have pretty much every brush you can think of. So I was really excited to see that they've recently launched a whole new makeup collection which also focuses on affordability but that also packs in a massive range of shades and some really good formulas. 

Crownbrush new makeup swatches
L-R Chubby eye pencils, chubby lip pencils, lip/eye liners, sunkissed bronzer, 3 in 1 bronzer palette
My favourite product from the new ranges has to be the massive 3 in 1 Blush, Bronze, Illuminate. This palette packs in a pink-toned blusher, champagne  highlighter and a mid-toned bronzer, making it the perfect thing to pop in your makeup bag. The palette is surprisingly big - you can see a standard sized bronzer at the bottom left of this photo and this is almost double the size in comparison. Shade-wise this is probably best suited to light-medium skin tones as the bronzer will be a little too light to contour on darker skins but the highlighter and blusher are pretty universal shades. All three are really easy to customise the depth of pigment with - use a fluffy brush and a light hand and build up the colour as you go. £19.99

For those that prefer a more shimmery finish, then give the Sun Kissed Bronzer a try. Although Crownbrush refer to this as a bronzer, I think it's probably a bit light to use it as this for the majority of people, but it will give your skin a lovely radiant finish when used across the cheekbones. £6.99

There are two different types of pencils that Crownbrush have introduced - chubby eye/lip pencils and then the more traditional slim lip/eye liners. 

The Chubby Eye Pencils come in 13 shades and I was really impressed with the pigmentation of these. The crayon format makes them really easy to apply - give your lids a quick swipe, blend and you're ready to go. These benefit from a primer underneath them to help to keep them from creasing but they last well throughout the day and don't fade for hours. At £3.99 each, I think these are a bit of a bargain. 

I wasn't quite so keen on the Chubby Lip Pencils as these felt a little drying on my lips, but they did seem to last well and had some seriously good pigmentation. There are 10 shades to choose from, covering everything from an electric pink, through to your basic nude shades. Again, these are £3.99 each, so very well priced, but I would recommend sticking a bit of lip balm underneath before you apply. 

The slimmer pencils are best used as traditional lip and eye liners rather than all over colour, but they do work really well when used in conjunction with the Chubby Pencils as the shades match up quite nicely. Both the lip and eye liners give great pigmentation, although I did find the eye liners to be a little bit hard, so need a bit of encouragement to transfer over to the lids. £2.99 each. 

All in all I think there are some great products in the new range and at good value for money prices. You can find the full range of shades online from Crownbrush, along with all of their fantastic brushes.

Do you like the look of these new products from Crownbrush? 
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