Illamasqua To Be Alive collection review

Illamasqua has always been a brand known for their bold looks and wide colour palette, but after a few seasons of more natural-toned products, we were all beginning to wonder if maybe they were changing their ways. But not any more. The new collection ‘To Be Alive’ is exciting. It’s bold. And oh my god, it’s blue.

To Be Alive is inspired by the spirit of colour and a raw state of movement, feeling, spirit and emotion. Creative director Alex Box says of the collection: 'Blue is the colour of pure mind, healing clarity and stillness that gives way to movement and spirit, the authentic self and true gesture.'

Illamasqua to be alive collection
Illamasqua to be alive collection wearing vendetta blue lipstick
Illamasqua to be alive collection eye shadow palette
Blue lipstick is something I have to admit, I never thought I’d try, but I’ve been surprised at how wearable Vendetta is. It comes in the Glamore formula, so is semi-matte but very creamy and is easy to wear all day without getting dry lips. The colour seems to look slightly different on everyone, but suits most skin tones. You’ve just got to be bold enough to try it. Once applied, it’s initially a bit of a shock, but after a few minutes it becomes a bold statement and one that I’d happily wear. The blue tones are also quite cool, meaning you end up with whiter looking teeth, which is an added bonus. The only small downside to Vendatta is that you do need to re-apply regularly to keep the colour looking fresh and bold. If you let it fade slightly it becomes more washed out and a lot less flattering, so keep it with you for touch ups throughout the day. £18.50

Iridesce is a great introduction to the range if you’re a bit scared to go full-on blue. This clear lip gloss has multi-tonal pigments inside, with subtle blue tones. It can be worn alone or over any colour lipstick – I’d recommend it over a blue-toned fuchsia pink as it really helps to make the colour pop. The gloss itself isn’t too sticky and the brush applicator makes it easy to apply on the run. £18

Also in the collection is a stunning eye shadow palette that feature four blue-toned powder shadows that can be worn together for a deep azure eye or used singly for a wash of colour. The palette feature a beautiful iridescent white shade called 'Cascade' which I am seriously lusting over, plus three different tones of blue. Blue eye shadow always used to make me think of the 80s (and not in a good way), but I think these present a really modern way to wear a shade that is often perceived as being very retro. £34

Last but not least is Prismatic - a two-tone nail polish that shifts colour in the light. This is an aqua shade that is perfect for spring and although I find Illamasqua polishes to be a bit pricey at £14.50, it might have to be a little pay day splurge!

To Be Alive launches in May, so it's a little while off, but I definitely recommend picking up at least one item from this collection.

What do you think of To Be Alive? Will you be wearing blue lipstick come May?

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