Illamasqua Brow course with Three Mobile

Brows. They're definitely having their moment but have long been one of the areas of makeup I feel less confident about.  So a few weeks ago I headed down to the Illamasqua school of makeup in London for a brow masterclass, designed to ensure I never had bad brows again. 

The lovely people at Three had organised a private brow masterclass for us with the Illamasqua training team, looking at everything from picking the right brow colour right through to an out-there coloured brow look. We also got to try out the new Samsung Galaxy Alpha for the evening to take our photos on, which I think turned out pretty well!

Illamasqua brow course
Illamasqua brow course
Illamasqua brow course
Illamasqua brow course coloured brows
Illamasqua brow course coloured brows

We started off with the basics - getting your brow shape right. It's easy to end up with wonky looking brows when you fill them in, but by following the lines of your brow you can achieve an even look. To map out the three key points of your brow, grab a makeup brush and using the handle end:

- follow the line from the inner corner of your eye upwards. This is where the brow should start. 
- tilt the handle about 45 degrees out from the inner corner of your eye and follow it upwards to see where the high point of the brow is. 
- move the handle to the outer corner of you eye and follow the line upwards - this is where the brow should end

Once we'd got an idea of our individual brow shapes, we moved on to the defining stage. Initially we tried a very soft look that just added a little colour to our natural brow. We used Illamasqua's brow cakes and a brush for this, but used a very light touch to make sure there were no scouse brows in the room! 

Next up was a ombre style look, which is more defined, but still natural-looking. It involves making the outer two-thirds of your brow a little darker, but leaving the inner third slightly lighter. Apparently this is a good one if you like extra definition but don't want to look completely made over. 

The third look was a heavily defined brow, created using a lot more product, and with a thicker shape added to it. I have to admit, at this point I felt a bit brow heavy - my natural brows are almost invisible, so anything other than the lightest touch of colour always feels a bit weird for me, but the rest of the girls looked fab! 

Last but not least were coloured brows, something which I've seen a lot on the lovely Laura Lou but a thing I've never been brave enough to try. Until now! I went for green brows, which I created using Illamasqua powder eye shadows, and although it's not something I'd wear on a regular basis, I would definitely try different colours for fancy dress evenings and feel more confident doing it. 

2 hours completely whizzed by and while I might have removed my green brows before heading off to catch my train home, I really enjoyed the course and over the past few weeks have been practising my brows at home. 

If you like the sound of this course, Illamasqua run 2 hour workshops throughout the year on all kinds of makeup tips and tricks and I'd highly recommend booking in for one. You can find full details on the Illamasqua short courses over on their website and more information on the Samsung Galaxy Alpha here

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