Little Ondine peel-off nail polish

I love glitter nail polish but I think we can all agree that they are normally a complete b*tch to remove. Or at least they were until I discovered Little Ondine peel off nail polish!

I'm probably showing my age here but when I was young I had a pink bottle of Tinkerbell peel off polish that I absolutely loved and used to paint my nails with it constantly just so I could peel it off.  Times have moved on a bit since then but the premise behind Little Ondine is the same - dozens of shades to choose from, all with a non-toxic formula that peels off when you're ready to remove it.

Little Ondine Peel-off nail polish reviewLittle Ondine Peel-off nail polish review - bottle close up
Little Ondine Peel-off nail polish review and swatches
I had a chat with one of the team behind the brand who explained it's not actually a nail polish in the traditional sense, it's more of a naturally based paint that's made up of resin, water and pigment. This means it also has no real smell, so if you like to paint your nails at work on public transport there won't be any death glares coming your way as no one can smell you're applying it!

The peel off part really appealed to me, especially with the glittery shades and it definitely delivers on ease of removal. You apply it similar to any normal polish (just don't use a normal top/base coat or it won't peel off!) and when you're finished with it, you can gently peel it away from the edge of your nail and remove it in one go. They dry reasonably quickly - about 5 minutes per coat - and I found it best to let the first coat dry almost completely before adding a second to ensure they look streak free and completely opaque.

They tend to last around two days on me before they started to lift slightly at the edges, which I thought wasn't too bad. The brand say they can last up to 7 days with careful application (apply to clean nails, don't allow any polish to go onto the skin) but I think that would be a push for someone who sits typing all day or uses their hands a lot for work.

I'll definitely be adding a few more Little Ondine polishes to my collection over the next few months, I've got my eye on another multi toned glitter that's calling my name!

You can find Little Ondine via their website, with prices starting at £9.20 for standard polishes and up to £11 for the more luxury glitter shades.

What do you think of these peel off polishes? Is it something you'd use?

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