8 irritating emails all bloggers can identify with

I think this week has been a high point for my inbox. In amongst all the lovely emails (of which I am very grateful for!) have been some absolute crackers – whether it’s SEO campaigns disguised as competitions or being asked to review a product that I was then told I had to pay for. I know a lot of bloggers get the same thing day in day out, so thought I’d put together some of our frustrations in gif format.

1. The ‘we’d love you to write a blog post to enter our competition to win *insert random prize here*’ – aka free SEO for us

2. The ‘please review our product, here are some images, no we don’t have samples for you to actually try’ – um, no

3. The ‘just wanted to see how you’re getting on with xyz’ – better known as ‘this is me chasing you without trying to seem like I’m chasing you

4. The ‘we don’t have any budget to work with bloggers’ email – are you SURE about that, given the fact you’re a multi-billion dollar company?

5. The ‘we’re sorry, we can’t work with you if you use no-follow links’ –  but you know that Google really hates that schizz, right?

6. The ‘we’d love to you review our product, we can send it to you at a special blogger price’ – so your PR plan is to get me to buy your product that I have never heard of, and then write a feature on it recommending it to others?!

7. The ‘I’m sorry, we don’t work with bloggers who disclose sponsored posts’ - *refers them to ASA*

8. The ‘here are some images of our latest fashion collection, please feel free to style them in your upcoming outfit posts however you like’ – hmmmmmmmm...

Can you identify with any of these?

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