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I sort of want to start this post by writing ‘OMG I met Jo Malone and she made a candle for me’, but I’m not sure that would be the  sophisticated approach I feel the Jo Loves Shot Candles really need. Ahem.

Jo Loves is Jo Malone’s new brand (she left her namesake ‘Jo Malone’ back in 2006) and features a divine mix of perfumes, home fragrances and bath and body products.

Jo Loves shot candle handmade in England
Jo Loves shot candle handmade in England
Jo Malone making a shot candle
Jo making my Shot Candle, with Beauty Queen UK photo-bombing in the background
The Shot Candles* are her latest invention and one that has got me seriously excited. The premise behind them is quite simple, but such a clever idea! The Shots are scented candles with a difference – made up of a base candle in one scent that has a tunnelled area cut out and a ‘shot’ in another scent (which fits cleverly into the tunnelled area of the base candle) that is then fused together to create your own bespoke candle. As the candle burns down, the two scents mingle together to create a unique experience every time you burn it.

As you might’ve guessed from my over-excited opening paragraph, I got the chance to meet Jo in person last week to create my very own Shot Candle which she herself put together for me. *fan girl moment*.

There are four base scents you can choose from: Charcoaled Lemons, Mint Mojito, Tahitian Gardenia or Fig Trees. Then you choose your shot scent from a choice of eight scents (all of the above, plus Mango, Lemongrass, Salted Caramel and Pettigrain). Inside the Shot Studio in their flagship Elizabeth Street store you can test out potential combinations and have a serious sniffing session to decide which one you’d like best. I made my decision in about 5 seconds (apparently I’m decisive when it comes to scented candles!) and went for a mix of Mint Mojito and Mango.

Once you’ve made your choices, the Shot is gently heated up with a blow torch and set within the candle base to create your finished product. Burnt correctly, these should last for around 60 hours in total – Jo’s team advises to start off with a 2 hour burn and then burn for no more than 90 minutes per time to get the most out of your candle.

If you’re not able to make it down to the London store, then you can create your own Shot Candle on the Jo Loves website – each one will be hand made for you, packed up beautifully and sent off as the most gorgeous looking gift.

I honestly think these are such a fantastic idea, I can’t wait to see how the two scents mingle together as the candle burns down. Although I will be keeping this one safely in my bedroom so my boyfriend doesn’t burn it downstairs to try and get rid of cooking smells (it’s far too nice for that!).

Each Shot Candle costs £75, which includes a one-to-one consultation with a member of the Jo Loves team at their London store. I’d also highly recommend having a good sniffing session with their perfume ranges – the A Shot of Thai Lime over Mango is absolutely to die for.

Do you like the sound of the new Shot Candles from Jo Loves?

*PR sample

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