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Colourful eye makeup is one of those things that is waaaaaay out of my normal comfort zone, but after making a pact to my blog wife All That Slap to be a bit more adventurous this year, I thought it was high time I gave it a try. I’ve been the ‘black eye liner is my life’ person for about 15 years now, so it was definitely time for a change!

Enter Kiko’s new Miami Beach Babe summer collection and I think I might’ve been converted! Miami Beach Babe has a fab line up of bronzers, blushers and all kinds of summery goodies, but what really drew my eye were the Click Slick liquid liners*. There are six shades in the range to choose from, in shades of turquoise, green and brown, right through to my trusty black.

The applicator for these is quite unusual for a liquid liner. They feature a very fine brush that looks like it belongs on an under-eye concealer, so I was slightly apprehensive about how fine a line you’d be able to get with them. You click the product through to the bristles and then apply directly to the lid using the brush.

Despite looking tricky, it was surprisingly easy to get the hang of – I’ve been able to get both a really fine line at the lash line and something thicker and bolder for a more intense look. Don’t be tempted to click too many times, the key here is to get just enough product to create your line, without having lots left over, as this is when it might smudge over the lid.

Once these are dry (which only takes about 30 seconds) , they literally do not budge. I’ve worn mine for a 12 hour day at work and it’s still looked amazingly fresh at the end of the day. And I didn’t miss my black liner once.

If you don’t fancy using these as liners, then they’d definitely work well used all over the lid as an eye shadow. I’m not sure they’d be that great at blending into another shade, but for a pop of colour on the lids, then these are definitely a must-have.

At just £6.90 each, I think these are a fantastic way to try out a more colourful look and a complete bargain quality wise. I’ll be heading off to Kiko to stock up on my favourite 04 turquoise shade so I have a couple of backups. You can find the entire Miami Beach Babe collection on the Kiko website and in their stores across the country.

Are you a fan of a more colourful makeup look? Will you be trying these new liners from Kiko?

*PR samples

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