Summer ready feet

Ok, there’s no getting around it, sandal season is upon us and that means it’s time to get those toes out. For me, feet are one of those incredibly necessary but really ugly things, and after spending about 9 months tucked away in boots, they need a little TLC before I inflict them on the wider world. Ok, a lot of TLC. Cue an emergency at-home pedicure.

summer ready feet - at home pedicure
I like to start by giving them a good soak in warm water to help soften up any dry bits, before going to work with a foot file to get rid of any dead skin. I sometimes add a few spoons of ClearZal’s Silk Tea Tree Foot Soak* to the water help with the softening process and the tea tree oil within it works to prevent any bacteria that might build up. I’d recommend doing the filing on a towel to catch all the dead skin that comes off (grim, but necessary) and don’t be afraid to put a bit of elbow grease into it (especially if you haven’t had a pedicure in 6 months like me. Sorry feet.).

Next up, dry off your feet and give the nails a trim while they’re still soft from the water. Toe nails are usually much harder than the ones on your fingers, so doing it when they’re a bit softer helps stop potential splitting. Aim for a nice straight line across, and use special nail clippers (like these ones) rather than nail scissors to avoid uneven edges.

By now, your feet should be ready for the ‘nice’ bit of the treatment – a foot massage! Now, if you can find a willing volunteer to do this, then great, but I tend to do it myself as my feet are incredibly ticklish and I’ve accidentally kicked someone in the face before partway through a foot massage. Not good. You’ll want to add a nice bit of moisturiser as part of the massage – this will help keep the new skin you’ve just revealed nice and supple. There are plenty of lovely foot-specific lotions you can buy, or alternatively a really rich body butter would work just as well. Just make sure you leave about 10-15 minutes for it to sink in properly so you don’t slip over on greasy feet when you stand up.

I like to finish off my at-home pedicure with a nice bright polish on my toes (Morgan Taylor Pink Flame-Ingo is my current favourite) – two coats and a top coat and you’re ready to go! Sandal-worthy feet in about 30 minutes.

For more summer-ready feet products, check out the ClearZal website.

Are you a fan of the at-home pedicure? What’s your routine for lovely summer feet?

*collaboration post

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