Inside my beauty storage - the collector's items drawer

I have a very bad habit of falling head over heels for limited edition beauty products. I’ve probably documented this quite a lot on Instagram, but stick something into special shiny packaging, or bring out a blusher with a design that’s too pretty to actually use in case you disturb it (I’m looking at you Dior) and I’m all over it like a rash.

My bank balance definitely doesn’t thank me for this magpie like behaviour, but I have a secret satisfaction knowing that there’s a special Muji drawer full up with all these lovely products for me to look at every so often and drool over. And occasionally use if I’m feeling frivolous.

My current number 1 in the drawer is the Dior Tie Dye Blusher in Pink Sunrise. I’ve harped on about this repeatedly on this blog so I won’t bore you too much with it again, but needless to say it’s mighty fine to look at. The pigmentation is a little on the wishy washy side, but I’ve forgiven it for that and firmly stuck it in the ‘it’s ok, you can just look at it’ category.

The MAC Archie’s Girls collection was another of those times when the packaging design kept calling at me – I love the cartoon drawings on both the lipsticks and the powder products from this range. The white plastic also gave it a very different look to the rest of MAC’s collections – some thought it looked a bit cheap at the time of the launch, but I actually quite like it. This highlighter is one of my favourites – it gives a lovely soft glow to paler skins without a massive amount of glitter.

I never really thought of myself as much of a MAC person until I took a look at my ‘collector’s drawer’ and realised most of the stuff in it came from the brand! The packaging of the Alluring Aquatic collection was a standout for me; I love the embossed water drips that run down the outside of the lipstick tube. And don’t even get me started on the recent Wash and Dry collection – for days I was ignoring all the Instagram posts with everyone’s hauls and telling myself I didn’t need it until I *accidentally* walked past the St. Pancras shop on the day it landed in store. Cue a very swift purchase of the three-toned highlighter and a nudey lipstick and a somewhat lighter bank balance for me. I think it’s a bit of a shame that the shimmery finish on the highlighter is just an overspray as it’s quite matte underneath but in reality this is just fuelling me to keep it as yet another item not to be used.

When the Louboutin nail polishes launched last year, I drooled over them at the launch event and then immediately went out and bought the iconic red shade on the day it came out. The price was ridiculous, but for me, the bottle is something super special and I keep it out on my dressing table as a little bit of 'beauty art' (well, and the fact it's so tall it won't actually fit inside my drawers...).

Anna Sui is one of those brands that really knows how to create stunning looking products – this rose embossed blusher being one of them. I’ve also got a few Physicians Formula products on order via a friend in the States as I love how the ethos behind these and the way they carry it through into their products (the heart printed ‘happy’ blusher for one).

I’m trying to be good over the next few months and resist the lure of the summer limited collections but only time will tell if that resolution can be stuck to!

Are you a fan of the ‘collectors’ or limited edition products? What’s your favourite from your collection?

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