Beauty tips: decluttering your makeup bag

How many times have you gone rotting around in your makeup bag hunting for a specific product, when you’ve unearthed a lip balm/liner/blotting paper/whatever that looks like it’s been there since time began? I’m pretty sure it’s something we’re all guilty of (even if you won’t admit it in public!) so I’ve put together a few tips on how to streamline your makeup bag and get rid of the clutter for good. And for all you makeup addicts out there that have a makeup ‘drawer(s)’ on top of a bag, get to work on those too!

Get rid of anything past it’s use by date – all beauty products have limited shelf lives (I’ve written more about these in this post) so won’t last indefinitely. If you spot anything that smells a bit funny, the consistency has changed/split or you can’t even remember buying it because it was so long ago, bin it.

Choose a smallish bag – most women tend to use a lot of the same products day in day out, but somehow still end up with overstuffed makeup bags packed full of stuff that never gets used. Grab yourself a bag large enough to fit your daily essentials and then store any overflow in a drawer (or use it as a good excuse to finally get some Muji storage, ahem). Rotate products in and out of the bag as you need them, rather than trying to stuff in as many as you can ‘just in case’.

When was the last time you used it? – this is something I try to put into practice with all of my stuff, not just makeup. If I can’t remember the last time I used a product, or it’s been over a year since it last saw the light of day, it’s probably time to get rid. Don’t listen to that little voice in your head that says ‘Oooh Kat, you must’ve really loved this. Ooh how pretty, totally keep it’. This is how people end up on Hoarders. It might feel a bit painful for the first five minutes but once it’s all gone, you’ll probably forget you had it anyway. Promise.

Rotate, rotate, rotate – I like to think of my makeup bag as the place I put all of my daily essentials. Every week, I check through it and swap out some products for alternatives to ensure I mix things up a little. This helps to avoid me overstuffing it and also ensures I get to use lots of items from my stash.

What are your top tips for decluttering your makeup bag?

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