ColourPop makeup haul

ColourPop makeup has been all over my internet feeds for some time now and after a serious perving session over the swatches on Stacey’s blog, I knew I had to have some. Thankfully, my very lovely friend in the US offered to act as my enabler (you can’t get them in the UK yet *cries*), so armed with a long list and some PayPal transfers, she put in an order for me.

The brand have a reputation for creating amazing value makeup that performs incredibly, so I thought I’d order a bit of everything initially to see what products I thought were best. The price point is so cheap – just $5 for an eye shadow, so I was intrigued to see if they lived up to my somewhat high expectations.

ColourPop makeup haul - Kathleen LIghts shadows
ColourPop makeup haulColourPop makeup haul - Kathleen LIghts shadows swatches
When the delivery arrived the other day, there was an audible squeal from me (sorry co-workers) and I’m not going to lie, I started swatching before I took photos. Apologies for the massive blogger crime.

The shadows so far seem to be performing amazingly. They have a slightly odd texture – somewhere in between a cream and a powder – and you only need a small amount to get fantastic pigmentation. They blend really well together, last all day and have pretty much stolen the top spot in my makeup bag at the moment. There does seems to be a bigger focus on non-matte shades in their line up, but don’t let that put you off – they do a pearlized formula which has a bit of a sheen to it, but is far removed from the glittery shimmers you might expect. There are also a few matte shades to choose from - Cop A Feel and Bill are good bets to start with.

A small let down for me was that one of my shadows got a bit smashed in transit, and they do seem to have a reputation for being slightly fragile. The product is quite thin, so I have a feeling I'll easily hit pan on my favourite shadows from this selection, but at $5 each, I'm not complaining. And it’s definitely not enough to put me off buying them again, in fact, I already want more shades!

Another amazing item from my haul was the Stole The Show highlighter. This uses a similar creamy/powder formula to the eye shadows and gives skin an amazing luminescence that I’ve been looking for in a highlighter for a very long time. *orders 6 backups*. They have quite a few shades to choose from in the highlighter formula, but I think Stole The Show is be a really good match for pale skin tones.

I also snuck in a couple of Lippie Stix to my order and a bronzer which I haven’t fully tested yet, but on initial swatching they seem very promising. Watch out for full reviews on these in a few week’s time.

All in all, I’m really impressed with my first ColourPop order. I really hope they launch a UK website or start shipping here soon – I have a feeling they will be very popular!

Have you tried anything from ColourPop before?

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