Wishlist Wednesday: the accessories edition

As well as being a complete beauty junkie. I have a rather large penchant for accessories. Although most of my wardrobe is monochrome, I love to brighten things up with bright accessories. 

Here's what I'm coveting at the moment:

Michael Kors Stanthorpe Shoulder bag £330 - Michael Kors have been the serious subject of my bag love lately. This little beauty is currently in the sale, and I'm trying very hard to resist the snakeskin charms!

Giles for QVC lobster claw ring £19 - Big rings are my thing. The bigger the better. I've never seen anything like this lobster claw ring before, and come payday, I feel a sneaky QVC purchase coming on.

Lisa Snowden for QVC snake ring £139 - another QVC special, this one is a little more expensive, but reminds me of a vintage ring my friend has. It might be one that stays on the lust list as the price is a little high for my to justify, although it is sterling silver with diamonds (you can hear the justifications starting already...).

Zara neon box clutch £19.99 - It's bright, it's summery and it's plastic. Neons are really fashionable right now and whilst I'm probably not brave enough to wear neon clothes, a neon bag could be the perfect wardrobe addition.

Giles for QVC thorn ring £17.72 - The unusual shape of this ring really attracts me to it. I feel in love with this one at a recent QVC press day. It's going to have to be a toss up between this ring and the lobster claw I think.

What's on your wishlist at the moment?


  1. You are not allowed to buy any more handbags!! ;) xx

  2. There's no such thing as too many bags. I couldn't wear neons either, so accessories are a great alternative.

  3. this neon clutch is amazing!



  4. Replies
    1. I think it's my favourite. Just a shame it's so small! x


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