Guest post: embracing the pale

Today the lovely Ashly fron Ashly London is guest posting all about her thoughts on embracing being pale (something I can definitely relate to!) - thanks Ashly, over to you...

Christina Hendricks
Christina Hendricks - making pale skin fashionable again

When I got to 13 I started to dislike how pale my limbs were and began experimenting with fake tan. I had some degree of success but mostly massive orange failings. And since the age of 18 I have pretty much worn fake tan every day up until about 5 months ago. I suddenly felt like it was the least important thing to be worrying about.

I am not going to lie at first I really struggled without my tanner. I was like a drug addict going through withdrawl. Everywhere I looked there seemed to be girls with gorgeous skin hues showing off their lovely tanned arms, I felt so insecure and pretty ugly. I couldn't even find a foundation shade that didn't make me look like a zombie.

As the months passed I started to feel more confident with my ghostly appearance and although I still look at pictures of Brazillian beauties like Alessandra Ambrosio with glowing glittering tanned skin I can now say to myself "well thats fine for them but it's not really who I am" :-)

So in light of my epiphany I bring you the top 5 reasons why being pale is actually not that bad...

1. No skin tone looks better with bright lipstick than pale skin does. Especially the classic bright red, it really stands out and looks utterly breathtaking. For this reason alone I think you can buy yourself a few new lippies!

2. You are different. Most people prefer to have tanned skin or wear tanner so if you are paler than pale you will actually stand out and be a little bit unique.

3. You don't have to worry about the winter when the sun is away, the sky is dull and your fake tan looks like an orange mess that you can see all the streaks and patches you have missed. No. You can show your arms and face in pride knowing that you probably look closer to a Christmas Angel than anybody else!

4. Everyone knows skin cancer is a huge problem related to over exposure to the sun. The good thing about being pale is that we burn REALLY easily so we can pretty much tell straight away when we've had enough sun or we need to reapply our sun screen. Red shows up pretty quick against white skin.

5. If you are naturally pale then it is who you really are. There is nothing more empowering than embracing the truth of yourself!

And lastly, don't forget Ed Sheeran actually wrote about you in his song.. white lips, Pale face breathing in snow flakes.

Well that is it, I hope you enjoyed my little post. Thanks so much to Kat for letting me guest post. She is certainly a gorgeous reason enough to embrace the pale :-) Lots of Love Ashly xxx


  1. Great post. I am reasonably pale myself, I don't tan well, and fake tan always looks so orange. Maybe I will take your advice and embrace the pale! Thanks for guest posting Ashly!

    Lyndsay xx

    1. :-) being pale and natural is so much easier than dealing with tanner that is for sure!!! Ashly xxxxx

  2. Really good post, I generally am happy with being very pale, and I love being a red head. The only time I think having a tan would be nice is when I get my legs out and they practically glow white in the sun!

    1. ha ha I know what you mean Sarah. Sometimes I feel a bit meh about this. I find as long as I don't try to wear a white skirt the pale legs look good ;-0 x

  3. LOVE this post! I'm really pale (with a tinge of blue!lol) I go by the motto "tanned skin is damaged skin" Embrace the pale! Xxx

    Allie from alliesbeauty.blogspot.com

  4. This is a really inspiring post - I'm really pale but I've never really experimented with fake tans as I've always been terrified of looking orange - I'm also a redhead and I think redheads look a little weird with a tan. I'm finally coming to terms with my skintone and learning to love myself.

    CurlandPearls | Bloglovin’

    1. That is great Nicola!! It takes a long time to learn to love yourself I think, I have only just started and it is a lot less pressure than trying to look 'perfect'. Ashly xxx

  5. I have never worn fake tan, I have coined the phrase tangingerine for when a fellow ging' does it and it goes orange. All about the SPF50, I'm rather be glow in the dark white than glow like a beacon red :)

    Pale and proud, girls! Pale and proud.

    Charlotte - blotandreapply.blogspot.com xx

    1. Well said Charlotte! Love this Ashly xxx

  6. Fake Tan terrifies me, I am convinced it will turn me into an Oompa Loompa xx


    1. Oompa Loompa never a good look! Ashly xxx

  7. I'm extremely pale. And honestly, it's never bothered me. I've never even tried a fake tan or a tanning bed or any of it! Haha, but I'm not exactly one to follow the trends anyway. Great post. I love posts that make women feel comfortable and confident with themselves.

  8. Beauty comes in many colours. Great post!

    Ali (another paleface)

  9. I have embraced the pale! I just can't be bothered with fake tan! xx

  10. Kat is absolutely beautiful. I clicked on the post to see her beauty secrets in fact.
    It's funny isn't it: our little hang ups, obsessions & insecurities, & how the rest of the world can't see them.

    5 years ago I couln't leave the house without hair extensions and fake tan. When people see my old pictures they can't recognise me, always saying how gorgeous I was. I don't take it as an insult; now I don't wear any of that, I go to work with a bare face, just moisturiser, but I think about other more important things these days & in the morning I don't want to cover myself anymore, I see a natural beauty.

    The important thing i to find a balance, & feel sexy and beautiful, regardless of what's in your make-up bag xxx


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