May empties

I've been saving up my empties for the past 6 weeks and I'm pretty impressed with what I've managed to get through! As there are so many, I've sorted them into three categories to make it a little easier to see what I thought of them.

The repurchasers

These are all products that I love, and have either already repurchased, or will be very soon!

Green People sensitive makeup remover/cleanser
Batiste dry shampoo
REN Rose Otto Bath oil
L'Oreal Elnett
YSL Touch Eclat
Hourglass Script eyeliner
Elemis pro collagen cleansing balm
Elemental Herbology moisturiser
Nivea essential lip balm (blue tube)
Jo Malone Lime Basil and Madarin perfume mini
Amie Clay mask
Toni and Guy sea salt spray
Bohdi Mint The body wash
Dove compressed deodorant x2

The possibles
REN Rose Otto body wash - Love the smell, just not the price.
Temple Spa Skin Truffle - again, I adore this product, but the £85 price tag means it's unlikely I'll repurchase again.
Creme de la Mer eye concentrate - love it, not the price.
Apitiva express beauty mask with honey face mask sachet - I actually really like this mask, but they have such a massive range that I want to try some of the others before buying this one again.

The not agains
Nivea honey lip balm - I wasn't keen on the taste of this lip balm, but if you like honey, then it's definitely one for you!
L'Occitaine rose hand cream - This smells amazing but didn't do much for my dry hands unfortunately.
Dove 60 second hair mask - this is an ok product, but didn't wow me and there are other hair masks I prefer.

Have you tried any of these products?


  1. I keep meaning to save my empties and do a post !

    1. do it :) It's always fun to see how much you've used up x

  2. I love the format of this empties post Kat - yoink! ;] I always ramble in mine!

    katsick.blogspot.co.uk xx

    1. he he, go for it - I normally ramble on too so tried something different this time! x

  3. I've tried L'Oreal's E;nett and really wasn't that impressed for the price. My hair is so thick and long that finding a hairspray which stabilises it is near impossible :( x

    1. That's a shame - Have you tried boots own brand? They are pretty strong! x

  4. I love the loreal Elnett hairspray it doesn't make your hair sticky or crispy looking at all! :)



  5. Great post! I'm a huge fan of that green people cleanser, and will be so sad when mine runs out!
    Carrie xxxx

  6. Wow loads of empties! How highly do you rate Touché Éclat? I can never bring myself to buy it in case I'm really disappointed! xx

  7. you did use up loads this month well done. xx


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