KMS California Tame Frizz range review

KMS Califonia are a brand I’ve been using on and off since my teenage years. They’ve been around since 1976 and played a huge role in my hair when I was part of the trend following crew who went for one of the spiky ‘POB’ cuts back in the days of spice girl fever (Victoria Beckham has a lot to answer for).

When I heard about their new ‘Tame Frizz’ range that was launching, I knew I had to try it, and was lucky enough to attend their launch event at their training academy in London.

KMS Tame Frizz range

The range consists of a shampoo and conditioner, plus hair serum and two styling products – one for fine to medium hair and the other for thick, coarse hair.

It’s designed to reduce frizz in hair, something that we’ve all experienced at one time or another, and claims to last up to 3 days. I had some of the products applied at the event and left with silky smooth hair, but the real test came at home - minus the professional blow dry!

I’ve been using mostly the conditioner, serum and styling cream for the past few weeks and can report that my usually fine, flyaway hair has been a lot less unruly. Humidity usually leads to what can only be described as a ginger puffball on my head, but these have really helped keep this away and even after a long day commuting, my style still looks just as good as it did in the morning.

I would definitely recommend this range if you suffer from frizz or just want smoother looking hair. I’ve been advised that the taming cream really is for people with super thick/coarse hair, so if you’re somewhere in the middle, you’re best to go with the lighter version.

The range launched on 1st June and can be found in KMS salons across the UK, as well as online at Cheap Smells. Prices start at £12.70 for the shampoo, to £14.95 for the smoothing lotion.


  1. I love KMS I also used to use it all time in the past I'm lucky I live really close to a wholesalers so I can just walk down the road to get it! This range sounds amazing is it new? I don't think I've seen it before :)

    Jamie-Lee | Glitter Infatuation | Beauty & Lifestyle Blog!

  2. I have heard of them but have never used them, yet so many people rave about them xx


  3. Ohh this range seems really interesting! I really want to try the smoothing lotion!

    Jade x


  4. Sounds really great! Thanks for sharing your experience. I also have a great experience with KMS Molding Paste.


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