Racinne Essentialift Supplement Serum

Racinne are a skincare company that incorprate developments in biotechnology, with the regenerative powers of plants. Formulated in Korea, Racinne was created after seven years of intensive research.

They have several ranges designed to target different skin requirements, and I've been testing out the Essentialift Supplement Serum* from their Ultimate Hydra Series for just over a month.

Racinne Essentialift serum

The 'Ultimate Hydra Series' is designed to hydrate, nourish and protect the skin and uses grape extracts (for antioxidants) in its formulas.

The serum is really lightweight and virtually fragrance free, and comes in a small bottle with a pippet dispenser. You use a few drops morning and night after cleansing, but before moisturising and smooth gently into the skin.

It absorbed really quickly, leaving no residue, and left my skin feeling really soft. After a few days, I could actually notice a difference in how my skin looked - it started to look a little more radiant, and the dry patches I get were less noticeable.

I really love this serum; the only downside for me is the annoying bottle. It's quite hard to get the serum into the pippet, and some morning I gave up and just tipped the bottle upside down to pour a small amount out.

That aside, I would definitely consider repurchasing this again. It reminds me of my all time serum love Elemental Herbology Cell Food, but at a slightly lower price. 30ml of the Racinne serum retails at £28.00, whereas the Cell Food is £42.

As well as the serum, the Ultimate Hydra Series also contains an eye gel, scrub, cleanser, moisturisers and an 'advanced luminous gel' (a hydrator with a matte finish). I love the sound of the luminous gel, so that might be a future purchase for me!

You can purchase Racinne from their website.


  1. This sounds lovely hun. If it's as good as cell food but cheaper then win win!

  2. Hi, that does sound really nice and you wrote a great reviews on the Serum. xx


  3. I've never heard of this brand before. the serum sounds lovely, especially if your comparing it to cell food. x

  4. Hello Kat!!
    very helpful Beauty Supplements content


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