Bioderma Hydrabio Serum review

Bioderma. That word usually conjures up an image of one thing within the beauty blogging community: their infamous micellar water.

In fact, Bioderma offer a wide range of skincare, with ranges for dehydrated, oily and dry skin to name a few.

I've been testing out their Hydrabio serum*, part of the range designed to help rehydrate dehydrated skin. Dehydrated skin is where the skin is lacking in water, and is often affected by environmental factors such as the weather, stress and diet.

Hydrabio promises to hydrate skin, offering a 'flash' hydration effect, restoring the skin's ability to moisturise itself effectively.

Containing glycerine and hyaluronic acid (good for plumping), the serum is lightweight, almost gel like in consistency and pretty much scent less.

I apply two pumps post cleanser and toner, gently patting across my face, avoiding the eye area. It absorbs quickly, leaving skin feeling really soft, and moisturised. I apply my usual moisturiser over the top.

Since using the serum for about a month, I've noticed that my skin has started looking a little plumper, and I've also needed less moisturiser to hydrate my skin.

I've been really pleased with the results, especially as the Bioderma serum is half the price of my usual serum.  If you're already a fan of the micellar water, I urge you to try some of their other products - I'm loving them!

The Hydrabio serum costs £17.50, and can be found online from Escentuals (also at 1/3 off until end of June!), or in store at John Bell & Croyden London.

*This post contains PR samples. My views are honest as always.



  1. Bioderma's micellar water doesn't really appeal to me but this sounds great, I have dehydrated skin that really needs something more than just a moisturiser so I might give this a go x


    1. This would be great - super hydrating! x

  2. Off topic, adoring your backdrop.

    O.k. my skin gets quite dehydrated in the colder months and have felt the affects thanks to this crazy weather too. I find serums helpful before moisturising for this, never have tried this but the serum I'm using at the moment is quite nice and a little always goes a long way xo


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