Sunday, 23 June 2013

Charlotte Tilbury's House of Rock n Kohl

For just over a week Charlotte Tibury's House of Rock n Kohl took over the Wonder Room in Selfridges London. A celebration of all things makeup, Rock n Kohl held a series of evening talks with different speakers each evening.

All of the events had been supporting Kids Company, a charity which offers services to vulnerable children and young adults in London.

I attended a session on Wednesday which consisted of Charlotte Tilbury, Camila Batmanghelidjh from Kids Company and Sali Hughes acting as interviewer.

House of Rock n Kohl panel talk
L-R Charlotte Tilbury, Camila, Sali Hughes

House of Rock n Kohl kissing wall
The kissing wall

House of Rock n Kohl

The panelists discussed how beauty partnerships can help charities, raising awareness and funds at the same time. A lot of the work that Kids Company do is helping teenagers and young adults who may have been sexually abused at home or victims of violence.

Camila is a very vibrant, interesting character. She makes her own clothes, which she says she uses as an expression of her happy mood. Once you've met her, you'll never forget her. She seemed extremely passionate about the work that she does with Kids Company, and it really inspired me.

What surprised me, was when Camila was discussing things that were most requested from the charity, food was number 1 followed closely by toiletries. A lot of these young adults now live alone on extremely small budgets and food and toiletries are the first things they drop in order to be able to continue to pay their other bills. They ask for toiletries as not only does it give them something to help keep clean but it also helps to restore their sense of pride in themselves, making them feel good.

This is something we can all relate too - how many of us have gone out and bought ourselves a new lipstick in order to cheer ourselves up after a bad day? Pampering ourselves is such a treat, and it's easy to forget how lucky most of us are to be in a situation where buying a new lipstick or even just some shower gel isn't one that we have to weigh up against paying our rent or buying something to eat.

As part of the events, limited edition makeup bags had been created with some very famous lipstick kisses printed on them. Priced at £15, at least £10 from the sale of each one went to Kids Company - the perfect excuse for me to buy one!

House of Rock n Kohl makeup bag and magic cream

House of Rock n Kohl Charlotte Tilbury magic cream

Every attendee also received a small pot of Charlotte Tilbury's magic cream - a legendary moisturiser that she used to mix herself for makeup shoots, this is a sneak peek at what might be included in the collection she's launching in September.

The Rock n Kohl events finish on 23rd June, but a small number of makeup bags can still be bought online from the Selfridges website.

If you would like more information on how Kids Company or how you can help them, visit their website.



  1. Just seeing that Make Up bag makes me want it again xx

  2. I went to this on Tuesday, sadly not to one of the panel discussions as I wasn't able to commit to a date, but had a fabulous time and quick chat with Charlotte :) so jealous of your pot of Charlott'es magic cream xxx

    1. I hope you enjoyed it! The panel discussions were really interesting. I shall be reporting back on the magic cream very soon x

  3. I've been umming & ahhhing over the bag for a while but your post swayed me by reminding me what a great cause it is! Selfridges order placed!

    Sheona at


  4. I've been umming & ahhhing over the bag for a while but your post swayed me by reminding me what a great cause it is! Selfridges order placed!

    Sheona at



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