Laura Mercier Spellbound illuminator review

I bought this beautiful looking highlighter about a month ago on a recent blogger meetup in London. I'm not going to lie, it's taken me weeks to actually use it. Not because I thought it would be rubbish, but because I couldn't bear to upset the pretty ripple pattern on the surface!

Now I'm over that fear, Laura Mercier's Spellbound Illuminator has become a firm staple in my makeup bag.

Laura Mercier Spellbound Illuminator

Laura Mercier Spellbound Illuminator swatch

Part of the limited edition AW13 collection, Spellbound is a soft, rosey-gold powder, shot through with a very light shimmer. The powder has a very fine texture and despite the shimmery finish, it still looks natural - no disco glitter here! The packaging also feels really sturdy and it comes with a built in mirror.

I find it best applied with a large, soft brush and looks great swept over cheekbones, with a little hint on the forehead and collarbone.

The swatch I've taken is quite a heavy one - you can easily build up the colour if you like, or wear it more subtly for just a hint of shine. It's also really long lasting and has a good 8 hour wear time. To me, this is a highlighter that will work well on most skin tones. It's very flattering on pale skin, but also gives a glow for those that are more tanned.

Spellbound costs £31, which is pretty pricey, but definitely worth treating yourself to. It is limited edition though so if it catches your eye, make sure you track one down soon. John Lewis and Space NK both have stock online still, so go, go, go!



  1. Definitely pricey, but it looks so pretty!! x


  2. Looks so luch! I'm deffo going to have a closer look at this one :)

    Siobha xxx

  3. I saw this a few weeks ago in Space NK and ever since ive been wanting it so badly but ive just spent far too much money this month so might have to grab in next time :)

    Lovely blog, would love you to follow mine back.


    Frankie xXx

  4. Gosh I didn't think it would be so expensive, it looks gorgeous though.. I want it so badly already! I will definitely be giving it a swatch!

    Holly xxx

  5. Gah, I don't think I'd ever use it as its so pretty! the colour looks amazing and so flattering!

    Jamie-Lee | Glitter Infatuation | Beauty & Lifestyle Blog!

    1. I know! It took me a while to actually use it as it was so lovely x

  6. This is very pretty, I don't blame you for waiting to try it! xx

  7. Definitely pricey but it looks so beautiful! It's like NARS Orgasm but better

    from isabela at fusels.com | bloglovin

  8. At £31 this is too pricey for me but I have to admit that it looks absolutely gorgeous in the pan, and the colour of it is lovely too x

    Angelica [One Little Vice]

    1. I'm going to try to find a dupe if i can as it really is lovely but so expensive! x

  9. I saw this in Spake NK not long ago, after a bloggers meetup actually! :) It's absolutely gorgeous but like you said, almost too pretty to use! It is slightly out of my student budget too haha!

    Hannah x

  10. Oh wow, this looks incredible!
    www.lydiarosexo.blogspot.co.uk xo

  11. This is stunning, i imagine it looks gorgeous on the face x

  12. This looks beautiful! I saw the pretty design and thought to myself, I'd have that sit in my makeup drawers because I wouldn't want to mess up the design!


  13. This looks so pretty...not sure I could bring myself to spend £31 on a highlighter though(who am I kidding, I totally could)

  14. It looks so pretty! Yeah, ripples at the top adds that extra prettiness to this blush :) x

    Beauty from the Fjord


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