Fringe top tips

I've had a fringe on and off for most of my adult life and while most of the time I love it, it's not always sunshine and roses.  Fringes take a lot of upkeep, especially if you choose a blunter style and trust me when I say that rain and humidity are not the friends of a fringe.

With that in mind, I've put together a few top tips if you're thinking of getting a fringe (or already have one) and a few 'fringe problems' you might identify with if you're already in the fringe club. 


- To get an even, straight looking fringe without much hassle, blow dry your fringe to the left then to the right and repeat. For an even smoother look, do the same but with a soft brush and you'll have fringe perfection in just a few minutes, 

- Find out if your hairdresser offers free fringe trims. In order to keep my fringe at the perfect length, it needs cutting about every 2 weeks. If your hairdresser offers free fringe trims in between your usual cut this can be a total lifesaver and won't end up costing you lots of extra money to maintain.

- Fringes tend to get greasier a lot easier than the rest of your hair, so a mini can of dry shampoo is great to have on hand to freshen it up. Blotting sheets are also perfect for absorbing any shiny bits on your forehead and stopping it transferring onto your fringe.

- Don't take the decision to get a fringe cut in lightly. Believe me, they're a pain in the bum to grow out if you decide you don't like it. Why not try putting a fake fringe before getting the real thing done - that way you'll know if it's something you'll love for longer than a week. You can either get a clip in one to trial at home, or even just pull some of your hair forward to give you a rough idea of how you might look. 

- Keep a comb with you at all times. Fringes are prone to tangling and can then look a bit greasy. An emergency bag comb will sort this out in seconds

Fringe problems:

- You'll forget what your forehead ever looked like. If you tan easily, you might want to clip it out of the way on holiday to avoid the white forehead syndrome that a fringe can bring. 

- Rain and humidity are not friends of your fringe. You will almost definitely end up with fringe horns - unattractive bits of hair at either end of your fridge that poke out like mini devil horns. Not cool. 

- The same goes for 'fringe curtains' - this can happen easily if you let a blunt fringe grow too long and your fringe starts to part in the middle like a pair of curtains. 

- Some up dos will never look quite right. Try to find pictures of celebs with fringes similar to yours if you're going for an up do - that way you'll know the style suits a fringe.

What do you think of fringes? Are you a fan? What's your biggest fringe problem? 



  1. I used to have a fringe for ages and I used to always sleep on it funny and would have to rewash it in the mornings in the sink! Fringe combs are also a must!

    Sophie x

  2. I've had a fringe a couple of times, it always looks amazing at first but then t's so hard to upkeep I end up hating it. And it definitely is a pain to grow out! I admire people who keep fringes looking good all the time.

    India / Touchscreens & Beautyqueens

  3. This is a great post! i love how well youve done it its awesome and i love your fringe you really suit it


  4. I've had a fringe pretty much ever since I had hair! It's a pain in the bum but I am so used to it, I look weird without it so it'll be sticking around until I get the guts to grow it out! It is quite handy sometimes, you don't have to faff with your eyebrows too much because no one sees them! :-) xx

    Emily Faye | www.emilyfayeslittleworld.blogspot.co.uk

  5. I had fringe curtains last week - horrible! I don't work in the same town as my hairdressers so popping in for a trim can be quite difficult. Going to try the left to right blow dry technique, at the moment I just blast the hairdryer on it vertically and hope for the best!! xx

  6. I always used to have a fringe and I decided to get rid of it because of some of the problems you've mentioned above. I really miss it and am always so tempted to get it back, but I just can't decide! Great post :)

    Sarah / Sarah Smiles

  7. I suffer fringe woes! But then I would regret growing it out.


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