Pre-Christmas spending ban

As a beauty junkie, I like to buy new things. Lots of new things. As the festive season is only 3 months away (sorry), I've decided it's time for another beauty spending ban to make me use up some of my stash and save up some pennies for presents.

I'll be starting my ban on 1st October and keeping it going until the end of November. During this time, I'm committing to buying no new beauty products, the only exception being when I have completely run out of something (including backups!) and need a replacement. I'm also reducing my somewhat excessive magazine purchases to one per week (and yes, that is a reduction!).

I'd love you to join me (feel free to set your own rules) - I'll be tweeting updates regularly using the hashtag #xmasspendingban, so if you fancy taking part and supporting each other, just leave a comment below or tweet me.

Good luck!

*P.S. After a long Twitter chat I have had to add 2 exceptions to my rules: a British Beauty Blogger beauty box (coming November) and one beauty advent calendar. I will cry if I don't get both of these. Big style.


  1. I really need to do this too, so hard to control yourself this time of year with all the new collevtions andchristmas stuff (sets) are around already! Eek! X


  2. I was just thinking the same thing! I spent a fortune this month and have so much to use up, I will be joining you :) Xx

  3. I would love to join in! I've just finished my Summer spending ban and I'd now like to save some money for Christmas!

    Peach Pow XO

  4. Such a great idea! I really need to cut down on my spending as well. I may join you in that :) xx

    D Is For...

  5. I'm in. All my blog posts recently are about products that are too expensive for me to buy, but I still do or hauls. I need to stop. My additional exception is a winter jumper or two, otherwise, I'm only buying christmas presents. Thanks for this, I really need to put away my bank card and it might help if someone else can make me feel guilty about it, apparently I don't listen to myself!


  6. I was thinking about doing this as well, not sure how I'd cope over the entire month of October though!

    Slightly Skint Blog

  7. I am currently on a makeup and frivolous item spending ban :) Due to finish December 6th, can't wait :P Good luck!

    Kate Xx

  8. Yes I'm definitely in! Although like you I'm wanting the BBB box! And I'll be keeping the monthly boxes I get x

  9. I'm in, I was thinking I should probably go on one after my hols. My exception will also include the boots double discount day ;) xxx

  10. I've been buying Christmas presents already and it's so hard when you're on a site like boots to not think "Oh I'll have one of those for myself, and one of those, ooh need that..." and before you realise you've got one Christmas present in your basket and about 10 items for yourself. >.<

    Thankfully I've managed to get some control from somewhere and only purchase the actual Christmas present instead. Tough but needs must.

    Juyey xx

  11. I don't actually need anything at the moment. I bought my A/W skincare and cosmetics earlier this month, so easy enough for me to join in.


  12. I'm in! This is a good idea esp before Xmas. Don't know if I'll manage it but I will try!! X

  13. Good luck! :)
    I'm currently on a 3 month clothes spending ban! 1 month and a bit to go and I've already booked my trip to Primark! haha


  14. If you need to spend a little something on your face this season, how about this for a festive look? It's on offer! Party Face


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