Filorga Sleep and Peel review

Chemical exfoliators have seen a massive rise in popularity over the past few years. They work by using mild acids that break down dead skin cells, leaving you with the nice, fresh skin from underneath.

Filorga have come up with an innovative solution - rather than the usual face masks or toners, they have come up with a night cream that moisturises at the same time as exfoliating.

Filorga Sleep and Peel

Filorga Sleep and Peel night cream

Sleep and Peel* is creamy looking night moisturiser that contains a mix of AHA and BHA acids that work overnight to give a controlled exfoliation. It also contains hyaluronic acid to help keep skin looking plump and moisturised.

To use it, simply apply a thin layer at night after cleansing and toning (avoid the eye area) and leave to work it's magic overnight. There's no need to rinse off and in the morning, you should be left with lovely soft skin.

As it is an acid, you might feel a gentle tingling when you first apply the cream - this is perfectly normal, so don't panic! If for any reason you do feel a stronger burning sensation, go wash it off immediately. Like all acid exfoliators, it can make you more susceptible to sunlight, so make sure you use a good SPF in the morning (and no, the one in your moisturiser doesn't count).

Filorga advise that you can use Sleep and Peel every night, or for those with more sensitive skin, every other day. I found that every other day was plenty for me - it left my skin feeling really fresh and looking great, but when I tried to use it every day I experienced a little redness. I also found that I didn't need to use any other kinds of exfoliators on top, so although it is a little pricey, it does mean you can cut down on the number of products you need to buy overall.

Sleep and Peel retails at £54 for 50ml and can be found in the M&S beauty halls.

Are you a fan of chemical exfoliators?

*PR sample


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