2true Pro Sequins nail polishes

2true are a great budget brand that are stocked in Superdrug and are famous for their £1.99 products. They've recently launched a Pro range which promises to have exciting launches with professional quality products, that are still at reasonable prices.

The new Pro Sequins nail polishes* offer a glitter finish with a mix of fine particles and slightly larger, sequin style circles. They come in 5 shades and are all named after supermodels from the 90s: Christy (silver), Tyra (gold), Eva (blue), Elle (red) and Naomi (purple).

2true pro sequin nail polishes

2true pro sequin nail polish swatches

All of the shades can be used as both a glitter topcoat or built up to be an opaque glitter polish. I found that they worked really well as opaque polishes and in fact, only needed two coats to be completely solid colour.

They dry to a matte finish, so if you prefer a glossy shine, you'll need to apply a top coat, but I do quite like the matte shimmer you get from them without one.  I tested out Tyra and Naomi and can see Tyra (gold) being a really popular shade for Christmas parties.

I was a little disappointed with wear time as I got my first chip on day two, but I am a chipper when it comes to nail polish so you might have more luck than me! I do tend to find matte polishes don't last as well as glossy ones, so if I was wearing these again for an occasion I'd probably paint my nails on the same day.

The Pro Sequins range is now available from Superdrug and each polish costs £4.

What do you think of these shades?

*PR sample


  1. It's very cute and I'm a big fan of the textured look. I've never actually tried 2True, so good to know that they work well :o). Xx


  2. They look like lovely colors! I love the blue one the most!

    Jackie | fashionxfairytale | bloglovin'

  3. These look very pretty, great xmas party glitters! x

    Evelyn @ We Were Raised By Wolves


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