Label M Resurrection Dust review

As someone with fine hair that can often look a bit limp, I'm forever hunting out products that can add more volume to my hair.

Label M's Resurrection Dust is a fantastic, multi-use product that not only helps to add body, but can also be used to add hold and structure to up dos as well.

Label M resurrection dust

Label M resurrection dust

The Resurrection Dust is a white powder, that comes in a clear, talcum powder style shaker. To use, you simply shake a small amount of the powder into your roots and massage in gently. You'll be left with a matte finish to hair, plus some decent lift at the roots.

I like to use the resurrection dust not only as a volumising product, but also to help me create hair that is more easy to put up. My hair seems to miss out that nice bit when it's really easy to create up dos, instead preferring to go from super silky to greasy instead. The Resurrection Dust gives it a nice amount of grip - not making it sticky, but making it feel less silky, and like it has more holding power. I often use it when I try to create the 60's inspired dos that I love and it really makes a difference in how long my style stays in!

It's also good used sparingly as a dry shampoo if you've run out, as the powder mattifies the roots, soaking up excess oil. Just be careful not to over sprinkle, as you can end up with a little bit of residue.

Resurrection Dust is £10.95 for 3g and you can buy it online from Label M or Look Fantastic.

Do you like the sound of this hair product?



  1. I havent heard about such a product before to be honest but this does sound convincing.

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  2. I've not seen this before but i've tried some similar hair dust type products and loved them!
    zozeze.com x


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