Body Shop Honeymania collection

Welcome to Honeymania - the new collection launching soon from The Body Shop. It's been a while since I tried so many Body Shop products, but this range is fab! 

The Honeymania collection* is a set of 7 bath and body products that all contain Community Fair Trade Honey from Ethiopia. The honey used in the products not only gives it the most amazing smell (which is quite floral, not like traditional honey), but also adds some serious moisturising properties.

Body Shop honeymania collection

Body Shop honeymania collection

The products all have the same, slightly floral scent, which is sourced from the bees in the Sheka rainforest in Ethiopia. All of the honey is hand harvested from the wild bees who build their nests high up in the trees of the rainforest. The Body Shop have been working with the local bee whisperers, who climb the trees, and harvest the honey without harming the bees. The bees visit around 2 million flowers and cover 90,000 kilometres to make just 500g of honey!

Honey is one of the main ways of earning money in this region of Ethiopia and the Body Shop is working with the local Beza Mar bee experts, who are dedicated to improving the livelihoods of their bee keepers. 

The Honeymania range consists of:

Body Butter £13 - this is a super rich body cream, that leaves skin feeling super soft for hours.

Body Scrub £12.50 - a really effective scrub that moisturises at the same time

Eau de Toilette £8.50 - this is a light, floral scent with a hint of honey. I quite like it, but it won't be for everyone as it is quite sweet  smelling. 

Bubble Bath Melt £8 - this really does look like liquid honey in the pot! A rich, thick bubble bath, pour a small amount in for lots of bubbles and lovely honey scent. 

Shower Gel £4 - a good, foaming shower gel, this is the Body Shop's standard formula but with the Honeymania scent.

Lip Balm £4 - smells lovely, but I prefer lip balms in stick format rather than ones you put your fingers in.

Soap £2 - a gylcerin soap with a cute honeycomb design etched in.

The Honeymania range launches into the Body Shop on 18th September. Do you like the sound of this new range?

*PR samples



  1. As a massive honey lover I am super excited to get my hands on this range.
    Definitely going to be purchasing the body butter, body scrub and eau de toilette

    Peach Pow XO

  2. These sound lush, I love honey based products :) x

  3. I really like the sound of these! Haven't bought anything from the body shop in a while.

    Danielle · danielletc.com

  4. I just cannot stand the Bodyshop, no matter how fab the products look xx

    lots of love, Beautyqueenuk xx

  5. I love the sound of these. I was so tempted to make a body shop order the other day because they have such good discount codes.

    zozeze.com x

  6. I love The Body Shop products. I recently got the peach range which is gorgeous. I will have to give these a sniff next time i'm in there

    Kimberley x


  7. I am in love with this range! I use the Eau de toilette everyday, it's so light and floral.

    Lyndsay | Fizzy Peaches


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