Festival fever ankle boots

We're well and truly into festival season now and although the weather has been glorious the past few weeks, the UK isn't exactly well know for its sun.

When it comes to festival footwear one choice seems perfect: ankle boots. You can wear them with jeans if the weather is rubbish, or like me at a baking hot Lovebox a little while ago, with a summer dress and a whole load of SPF! You'll also avoid coming home from a festival with dust covered toes, and don't even get me started on the toilets...

Barratts ankle boots

Barratts cowboy ankle boots

These Barratts boots* (find them on the Barratts site) are getting me through the summer. They have a slight cowboy style to them which I think works well with both dresses and jeans and are slightly padded inside making them super comfy to walk around in for hours.

They come in two colours, black and tan, but I prefer the tan for the warmer weather (might have to get the black for winter!). At £35 they won't break the bank, and do seem pretty hard wearing. I'm hoping mine will keep me going throughout the summer and into autumn.

What's your choice of festival footwear?

*PR sample


  1. These boots are lovely! perfect for autumn.


  2. Ooo, lovely boots! Deffo an all year round type of boot! Which is my fav. :)


  3. I just bought a similar pair from H&M. I can't bear my feet being hot so I always end up with dusty toes ;)

  4. When I saw you in these I assumed they were much more expensive! They're fab!

  5. Hmm maybe I need to get some new boots *thinks* oooooooooooo lol xo


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