A visit to the Ajala Spa

There's nothing I like more than a trip to the spa - it's one of those luxurious treats to yourself that feel a little bit naughty, but so worthwhile. 

I recently went along to the Ajala Spa in St.Paul's, London, for a deep tissue massage. The Ajala Spa is part of the Grange St. Paul's Hotel, hidden just behind the famous St. Paul's Cathedral. 

Ajala Spa reception
Part of the reception area
Ajala Spa relaxation room
Relaxation room
Ajala Spa treatment room
The treatment room
Ajala Spa treatment room
They even have a treatment room for 2 people. 

On arrival, I was a little early, so was shown to the relaxation area, which has a selection of soft seats to lounge on, day beds, plus drinks and nibbles. I sat down with a glass of water, determined to relax after a long day at work. 

When it was time for my massage, I was shown through to one of the treatment rooms, and the therapist left the room while I got undressed and hopped up on the massage table. As I was having a full body massage, everything but my knickers had to come off, but if you're considering a massage and concerned about stripping off, don't worry, all of you is covered by towels for the most part, and no 'embarrassing bits' are ever out on show! 

The deep tissue massage was an hour long and concentrated on my back, shoulders and neck before moving on to the arms. legs and feet. Ajala spa offer several types of massage - deep tissue is the least relaxing of all, as it's very firm and is designed to help break down tension in the deeper muscles of your body. If you prefer a more gentle, relaxing massage, this is not the one for you! 

I loved it! As I sit at a desk all day, I suffer very badly from tension in my back and shoulders and although slightly painful at times, I left my massage feeling completely tension free and slept like a baby that evening.

Ajala spa currently have 4 locations in London, and the deep tissue massage costs £95 for 1 hour. 

Ajala spa bath and body oils

They also have their own range of body and bath oils, which contain essential oils, designed to either help you relax or act as a pick me up. The oils are £12.99 for 100ml, which I think is very good value, considering the cost of other similar oils by other spa brands. My favourite scent if the uplifting mandarin and grapefruit, which is perfect first thing in the morning to help you wake up.

I will definitely be going back to the Ajala spa very soon!

*My visit to the Ajala spa was complimentary, however my opinion is honest as always. 



  1. Oooh sounds and loooks like a lovely place, agh I would love to have a massage!

    Sophierosehearts x

    1. the massages are great! Really worth treating yourself x

  2. I am so looking forward to mine. Two weeks to go! x

  3. I'm always so jealous every time I read about anyone spa trips! :) this looks absolutely lovely x

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