The use it up challenge - take 2

Over the past few months I've started, and failed at more spending bans than I care to remember. I love making a cheeky purchase, and have enough product at home to keep me going for some time.

For some reason, the words 'spending ban' make me come out in a cold sweat, and my debit card twitchy, so instead of committing to not buy anything new, I'm going to reward myself for every product I use up.

I did something similar many months ago (post here) and found it a really good way of spending less, but without using the dreaded words 'spending ban'.

I'd love for you to get involved if you're a product hoarder like me, or just fancy clearing down your stash a little.

My plan is to put:

50p in a piggy bank for each sachet/small sample I use up
£1 for full size products (cleansers, mascaras, etc)
£5 for high price items (perfumes, anything over £50)

After a few months, I'll see how much I have saved and treat myself to a haul (well, I can't be good forever!).

Want to join me? Leave a comment below and I'll catch up with you regularly on Twitter.


  1. Ooh now this is a great challenge! I am on a spending ban till the London meet up on 27th of this month and have managed to not purchase a single item, despite breaking out in cold sweats over the sales xx


    1. wow, so impressed with how you've done with the spending ban!! x

  2. Wow, that's such a good idea. I agree, spending bans only make you want to buy more! I will be starting this soon :)

    Bree from Colour Shimmer Sparkle

  3. I love this idea! I have boxes of half used products and I just keep buying more. Definitely need to make a point of using them up!



    1. I think we all just love a sneaky purchase :)

  4. What a great idea with the cash incentive! Id be skint though because I soon finish things! Beth May Blogs

    1. I need your tips - I hardly ever finish anything!

  5. Love this idea...its a good one. Whilst I did okay on my spending ban, I know what you mean about the effect of those (dirty) words...this is a less scary and sweat inducing idea!

    As you know, I have sh*t loads of products, I have not even tried once let alone close to using up...I need some drastic restrictive measures I think!


    1. use them up, save the pennies for a new bag - how's that for an incentive? :)

  6. This is BRILLIANT. I'm SO in.


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