Making the most of fine hair

Having been 'blessed' with very fine hair, I know what a struggle it can be to get some volume in your locks. Here are my top tips and a few product picks that will help make that big blow dry possible.

Layers - having a few, subtle layers cut into your hair can really help make it look like there's more of it. You don't have to go crazy with them, but breaking up a blunt line of hair adds a bit more movement, and also enables you to add more texture. 

Texture - super sleek fine hair will generally just make it look flatter, so add a bit of texture to it. Bumble and Bumble's Thickening Creme Contour* is my hero product for this. Take a pea-sized amount, rub between your hands and use to add a little definition to the mid-lengths and ends of you hair. It's non-sticky, so won't make your hair look greasy, or tacky to the touch.

Backcombing - for real root volume, backcombing will add more height at the roots of your hair, making it look a lot fuller. I use a cheap, £1 backcombing brush from Primark for a subtle root lift, and then to help it last all day, spray a little Umberto Giannini Backcomb in a Bottle at the roots, which holds it in place and add some extra oomph. 

Dry Shampoo - not only great for unwashed hair, dry shampoo is also really good for adding extra volume at the roots. Spray on as you would do usually for 'cleaning' purposes, focusing on the root area for subtle lift. 

The right cut - having the right haircut makes all the difference to fine hair. Adding a few layers (mentioned above) can help, but for me personally, I look like I have much thicker hair when I have it cut shorter. I'm not saying go out and get all your hair chopped off, but it might be worth discussing with your hairdresser next time you go about what will work best for you. I currently have a choppy long bob and love it, but I know it's not going to be for everyone! 

*PR sample



  1. Having some layers put into my hair made so much difference xx


    1. me too! Flat as a pancake otherwise ;)

  2. Ooh I need that primark backcombing brush !

    Sophierosehearts x

  3. I'm another paley, blessed with thin, flat, lifeless hair..
    Def agree on the layers, and on having a shortr 'do'. I find the longer mine gets, generally passed the top of my bust, the more spindly like it becomes.. So sad AND annoying.
    I found a love for the BaByliss Big Hair rotating styler, it helps a little, plus Bumble and Bumble surf spray.


  4. I have fine hair too - adding layers and using dry shampoo has made such a difference! Great post :) xx


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