Boutique - coming soon to a supermarket near you

Boutique are a new makeup brand, coming soon to Sainsbury's stores across the country. Designed by two makeup artists, Jo Saville and Sophia Price, the range is aimed to have shades to suit everyone, and at an affordable price.

They wanted to create products that were high quality, but still accessible - something you felt would be a nice treat while doing the weekly shop (makes a change from my usual chocolate!).

The range consists of 10 eyeshadows, 11 lipsticks, 9 glosses, and 16 nail polishes. There are a lot of neutral shades, along with a few brights, which really help liven things up a little.

Before the range was mass-produced, Jo and Sophie got a team of 58 industry professionals to give them a thorough test and over 90% of the panel recommended Boutique - pretty impressive! 

I've been testing a few of the products out, and so far, my favourites are the lipsticks and the eye shadows. The eye shadows are quite shimmery, and very easy to blend, although the lighter silver colour did take a few swatches to build up pigmentation.

The lipsticks have a semi-matte finish, and have good lasting power - the deep shade swatched above actually stained my hand, so it won't be going anywhere on your lips!

All of the products have fun names such as 'Rest On Your Corals', 'Tickled Pink' and 'Cat Got The Cream', which adds a nice touch to the range. The prices are also pretty reasonable - eye shadows are £4, nail polishes £5, lip glosses £6 and lipsticks £7.

The Boutique range launches into larger Sainsbury's stores across the country in September. Will you be adding it to your weekly shop?



  1. OOh I will be looking out for these xx


  2. The names do sound fun, I'll keep an eye out for these :)

    Sophierosehearts x

  3. Oh no, not more make-up to tempt me at the Supermarket ;) This looks lovely, I like the coral nail polish.

    Will look out for it!

    Lyndsay xx | Fizzy Peaches ♡

    1. they're do it to test us ;) Will definitely make food shopping more interesting! x

  4. The lipsticks are gorgeous! x


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