NOTD: Nails Inc Motcomb Street/MUA Nail Quake

After receiving Motcomb Street on the front of Glamour magazine this month, i wanted to try it out asap.

It's a lovely dark navy blue, with a glossy finish. It went on well and was opaque with 2 coats. I think it makes a nice change from black nail polishes as it's not quite so dark and is a little more flattering on my pale skin tone.

I thought it would be a good idea to try out my new MUA nail quake (crackle effect) polish over the top. This is in 'gold glitter' so i tried it out as a feature nail over the top of Motcomb Street.

Unfortunately, as you can see, it didn't quite live up to it's name. Maybe I didn't apply it right, but there's no sign of any 'quaking' going on, just a streaky glitter finish. Boo! I'm not sure I'll bother trying this one again.

Seeing as you can get Motcomb Street for £2 at the moment on the front of Glamour, I think it's an absolute bargain. Nails Inc polishes are normally £11, which for that price I would prefer an OPI if I'm honest, but at this price, and for the lovely colour, I will definitely be using it again.

*update* Just something to bear in mind, but Motcomb Street chipped big stylee in under 24 hours. Possibly due to my lack of top coat, but it did it in my sleep so I have no idea how that happened!



  1. Your nails look so pretty!X

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  2. I got the red polish but really want to get my hands on this one too! Such a great colour for winter, just a little annoying that it would chip that easily but as they're only £2 each I think I'll still buy that one too and give it a go :p x

    1. The red looks so pretty too. For £2 each you definitely can't go wrong :O)

  3. Love dark manicure!
    Amazing blog! Following you on Bloglovin! Hope you'll follow mw back! <3

  4. gorgeous nail colour! Great for winter and fall. x


  5. I nominated your blog for the Liebster award! Check out my blog for details!

    I know you were already nominated but I love your blog so I had to nominate you again!

    1. Ahhh.... thank you - what a lovely comment. I will come check out your blog now :) x

  6. Lovely color, maybe play around with using thin or thick coats of the crackle polish. See if either gets it to crack more. Thanks for checking out my blog, xx

  7. lovely colour! I love the way the gold pops on the black!
    http://beautybynaynay.blogspot.com.au/ xx


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