Bourgois 1 second nail polish remover pot

Just a quick review on what is one of my favourite products.

The Bourgois 1 second nail polish remover pot is essentially a fancy way of getting nail varnish off quickly.

The magic little pink pot has a giant sponge inside, with a hole in the mmiddle, that's soaked in nail polish remover. You basically stick your finger into the hole in the middle of the sponge, twist the nail from side to side, pull it out and your nail varnish is gone!

Now, it certainly doesn't do it in 1 second, but it's definitely a whole lot quicker and less messy than the usual cotton wool method. It struggles a bit with glitter polishes, but if you leave your nails in there long enough, it will come off (it does make the sponge a bit glittery though, so just bear this in mind for future uses!)

I have two - one for normal nail varnish and the other for glitter so they don't get contaminated!

They retail for £4.99, so not cheap, but the ease of use makes it worth it for me. Plus, with all the 3 for 2 offers on at the moment, you can get more for your money :)



  1. I have this too which reminds me I need a new one. I agree with the glitter it's a nightmare but then the heavy glitter polishes are difficult to get off with any remover. L xxx


    1. They sure are - i love glitter polishes but they are such a pain to get off! x

  2. I've been tempted to try one of these but couldn't believe that they'd live up to the promise! I get cotton wool everywhere when I take nail varnish off :( and being rarely without a nail colour this equates to lots of cotton wool. Thanks for the review :) seems like a good item to invest in x

    1. I find them really good - they get normal nail polish off easily and last for a good couple of months. I think they might even be included in the new 'buy one get one half price' offer on makeup in boots at the minute so a good way to try one out :)


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