Hair care heroes #1 Percy and Reed volumising no oil oil

I discovered Percy and Reed after receiving one of their hair masks on the front of Glamour magazine a long time ago.

During one of my lunchtime wanders around Space NK (very dangerous, I know) I found one of their mini travel sets: 'Hair Royal Highness', and given my penchant for things in mini size, I couldn't resist.

The Volumising No Oil Oil for fine hair was part of the 6 piece kit and was the one I was most looking forward to trying.

I love hair oils, but have to be careful how I use them as they can make my fine hair flat and greasy looking quite easily. At the same time, my hair also likes to turn into a frizz-ball at the slightest hint of moisture, so I definitely have to use something!

This oil promises not to weigh down hair, but still moisturising it, leaving it looking glossy.

It recommends that you only use one or two drops, and the pump dispenser makes this easy to get out without any wastage. I apply to damp hair, and then dry.

The No Oil Oil leaves my hair looking lovely and shiny, and as it promises, doesn't make it flat.

I've also used this at night, on dry hair and applied it like a moisturising treatment. I use about 6 drops and massage into my hair and when i wake up the next day, my hair (after washing!) feels so soft.

The full size (60ml) retails at £14, and when my mini (15ml) runs out, I will be purchasing the full size (or buying the mini kit again to feed my travel-sized obsession!). They also do an oil for thick hair, if you are blessed with more voluminous locks than me.

The 'Hair Royal Highness' pack contains shampoo, conditioner, mousse, oil, dry conditioner and hairspray and retails at £24. It's not cheap, but a great way to try the products out.

Have you tried any Percy and Reed products?

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