Liebster blog award

I am so excited to have been nominated for the Liebster blog award by Bare Faced Beauty Junkie. Having only been blogging for a short while it's so nice to know people are enjoying reading my blog and i'm very flattered to be chosen.

The Liebster blog award is for newer blogs with under 200 followers and it works like this:

  • List 11 facts about yourself
  • Answer the questions the nominator made for you and also create 11 more questions for the blogs you nominate 
  • Choose 11 people and link them to your post 
  • Go to their page and tell them.
  • No tag backs

About me: 

  1. I love to sing - i even get paid to do it sometimes.
  2. The 60's is my favourite era of all time - music, fashion, make-up, everything. 
  3. I really love reading. My favourite things to read are thrashy thriller novels. 
  4. Despite dressing in black most of the time, I have a real bad thing for hot pink accessories. 
  5. I feel naked without at least one ring on each hand.
  6. I had never watched the Goonies until about 3 years ago (if you've never seen it, please go and watch it!)
  7. I am rubbish at cooking savoury food, but will make you the best desserts ever.
  8. I have a magazine buying problem - I swear i would be rich if i could give them up.
  9. My ideal pet would be a tortoise.
  10. I have to wear glasses to read and use a computer but you'll never see me wearing them out!
  11. My favourite drink is a gin and lemonade. Apparently (so i've been told) this is a bit of a granny's drink, but i don't care - i really, really hate tonic water! 

So here are the questions that i have been tagged to answer:

1. If you had to choose one beauty holy grail what would it be? YSL Touche eclat - it covers a multitude of sins!
2.If you could live in one city in the world where would it be and why? New York  I went for a week a few years ago and didn't want to leave. 
3.Are you Team Edward or Jacob? Edward, ha ha. 
4.Do you watch the Real Housewives? If so what's your favourite city? Nope, I've only ever caught glimpses of it. It looks like fun though. 
5.Do blondes have more fun? Probably. I like being a strawberry blond best though :)
6.Would you rather be boiling hot or freezing cold? Freezing cold - at least then i can try to warm myself up!
7.The Kardashians- yay or nay? Nay - I love trashy tv but they don't really do it for me. 
8.Are you a dog or cat person? Hmmm...dogs over cats, but my dream pet is a tortoise.
9.What's the most fulfilling thing you have ever done? I had my own pop-up shop for a week. It was a fascinating insight into how it would be to work for myself. 
10. If you got given £1000 what would you spend it on? I would probably spend most of it on a new Mulberry handbag (such a sucker for these!!) and then go crazy with the leftovers in the Harvey Nichols beauty hall. 
11.Any beauty tricks to share? Always take your makeup off before bed. No matter how tired, i always do it. I also once got told you should spend more on your face than you do on your clothes as you'll have your face for a lot longer!

Here are my 11 (somewhat random!) questions for my tagees...

1. If you could only choose one item of makeup what would it be?
2. What's your favourite party song?
3. Low or high end makeup?
4. What do you like best about Christmas?
5. What made you start blogging?
6. Who is the best Bond?
7. What's the strangest thing you've ever eaten?
8. How big is your stash (honest answers here please!)
9. Essie or OPI?
10. What's your favourite decade for beauty?
11. If you could be any animal,what would it be?

And my nominated blogs are:

Musings of a beauty addict mum http://carolinescraftyadventures.blogspot.co.uk/
Glam up every day http://www.glamupeveryday.com/
Beauty confessions of a big girl http://beautyconfessionsofabiggirl.blogspot.co.uk/

Phew! Thanks for reading if you made it to the end of this mammoth post! I hope you enjoyed getting a bit more of a personal insight from me. 



  1. Thank you SO much for nominating me. I don't typically post these awards on my blog (it confuses people who are there for my fundraising, I find) but please don't take this to mean that I don't appreciate it, I seriously do <33

    I'm off to check out the other blogs you've nominated! :D

    Erin xx

    1. No problem at all! I just wanted to recognise how fab your blog is but completely understand with the fundraising stuff. I look forward to reading more of your posts x

  2. I love looking at other peoples liebster awards I just did one myself it's interestiin to see what other people choose as questions
    I am doing a poll on my blog I am trying to get at least 10ish voters could you take the time too vote and comment

    1. Hi Simone - they are always really interesting to read. I will go and check yours out :)

  3. thank you! I was so happy to receive it :)

  4. Thank you so much for nominating me! I really appreciate it! I will post it ASAP! =)

    1. you're welcome - i look forward to reading it :)


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