High street heroes - the hairbrushes

Our hair is one of those things that is pretty much always out on show, so having a good hair day can be a real mood booster. I’ve been hunting out the best brushes on the high street which will make a good hair day much easier and also be kind on your wallet. 

high street hair brush heroes
The Wet Brush* – since discovering the Wet Brush, I’ve given up my Tangle Teezer and haven’t looked back. Wet Brushes are designed to be gentle to wet hair, but also work just as nicely when it’s dry and ease through tangles and knots without pulling or snagging. There’s also none of that tell-tale ‘tangle teezer noise’ (you’ll know what I mean if you used one!) and the whole process feels incredibly smooth. They also make a mini version which is the perfect size for your handbag and at £11.99 for the larger one, I think these are great value for money.  

Trevor Sorbie Detangle and Style Comb* – a decent comb is an absolute must when it comes to your hair and this one from Trevor Sorbie needs to be top of your list. It has three different widths of comb – thin, medium and wide, making it a total multi-tasker. Use it to gently remove knots from wet or dry hair, section your hair for drying or styling and even to help give it a bit of lift at the roots. £3.99

Mark Hill Blow Out! Moroccan Argan Oil Medium Radial Brush* – this vented rounded brush has been cleverly infused with argan oil to help give you shinier looking hair while you blow dry. Don’t panic if you have fine hair – it won’t leave it looking flat and greasy, it just adds a subtle shine to the hair without the need for extra product. My blow dry skills leave a lot to be desired, but even I can get to grips with this one without too many hair dramas. I also asked a friend to give it a try for me (as she has some good blow dry skills) and she commented that her hair looked a lot smoother and felt lovely and soft, all without changing anything else in her hair routine. £9.99 

Do you have a favourite high street hair brush? Have you tried any of these before?

*PR samples

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