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While having a catch up on the lovely Vicki’s blog the other day (www.letstalkbeauty.co.uk) I came across her answers to a ‘50 things that make me happy’ tag. I like to think of a reasonably positive person, and I thought this would be a great way to remind myself of all the little (and big) things that make me happy in life. It’s easy to take them for granted, so I’d love to challenge you all to do the same, especially if you’re having a bit of a crappy day. It’s a great reminder for all those things we have to be positive for, even if some days it feels like nothing is going quite right.
50 things that make me happy
In no particular order…

1. Freshly washed bed sheets
2. Laughing with my friends
3. Spending time with my family
4. Spending time with my boyfriend
5. Really good, dark chocolate
6. A few hours alone with a decent book
7. Gin
8. Baking (I am hopeless at cooking savoury food but adore baking)
9. Newly painted nails – there’s something so satisfying about them
10. Singing – by myself/with a band/in my car where I forget everyone can hear me
11. Dancing, all kinds and not just after a few drinks
12. The beach at Olu Deniz
13. Italian food
14. Days out at the seaside
15. Ice cream (combine with no.14 and you’ve got yourself a winner of a day)
16. Cold sunny days
17. Spring
18. My blogging buddies
19. Picnics in the park
20. A decent Panang curry
21. Antique jewellery – I love finding something no-one else will have
22. Fleetwood Mac. On repeat.
23. 80s rock music – the more lycra and big hair the better
24. Tortoises – the highlight of a holiday a few years ago was seeing wild ones chilling around our swimming pool
25. Lola’s cupcakes. Yum.
26. Celebrating all the babies my friends are currently having – and shopping for cute outfits for them
27. Having a good eye liner day
28. Back massages
29. Hugs from my boyfriend
30. Making lists
31. Long weekends – they always have so much potential
32. Bacon
33. Binge watching a new series on Netflix
34. Homemade popcorn
35. Puppies – because, y’know, they’re SO FRIGGIN’ CUTE
36. Getting my fringe to the exact perfect length. Even if it only lasts for about 36 hours
37. Being able to run a mile without stopping. Small achievements lead up to big ones.
38. Knowing my friends will come to me if they want a truly honest opinion
39. Mini Eggs
40. New York – I need another trip there soon
41. New issues of my favourite magazines
42. Learning how to use more functions on my DSLR
43. Catching up on my favourite blogs
44. Hugging my little brother, even if it does embarrass him a bit/a lot
45. Getting to know my parents as an adult. And realising they are so much more than just ‘mum’ or ‘dad’.
46. BBQs – I’ll be the meat eater hogging the halloumi
47. Playing arcade games on Brighton Pier
48. Those dirty hot donuts you get from fairgrounds and seasides. OMG.
49. New jeans that fit like a glove
50. Brunch. Any excuse for American style pancakes with bacon and maple syrup.

What things make you happy?


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